Wintry Smiles

Hey people. Here we have another poem. K. Not much to say so um, read the poem!

A dark whisper mystic and cold,
Dances through the frosty mold,
The air stares through the frost,
Within the cold it’s lost,
The days are much shorter,
Winter is a mystic blur,
People cough in the darkness,
Covered in full sleeve dresses,
Dogs shiver out on the street,
Wishing for a warm sheet,
But through all the sadness,
Through all the frosty madness,
People smile with glee,
Happier than anyone could be,
The smiles spread warm with love,
As people sit in jackets and gloves.
And slowly the cold disappears,
And people share the wintry cheer!



Hello. Short poem. I know it’s a little boring compared to my other poems, but it is simple, short and I wanted to post something! Either way, I have more poems coming up soon! For now, read this!

Ice cold nights,
Shining lights,
Freezing days,
Wind blowing away,
Christmas spirit,
Everything lit,
Colors red and green,
Like you’ve never seen,
Nobody has a frown,
Or feels down,
Smiles fill the place, each inch,
Like a maze of happiness.