Capturing the beauties of the world(Photography)

Hey guys! Today’s post is some photo’s I took. They aren’t taken through a camera or anything but I did my best to capture the beauty of whatever I was taking pictures of!

The clouds floating through the sky
A lil’ lizard on the other side of a plastic sheeting
A flower
Different views of the same flower
Mushrooms growing on a tree
Moss on rocks


Who else loves watching the stars. So pretty. Here’s a short poem on ‘Stars’.

20 Spiritual-Poetic Quotes about Stars, the Moon, and You– Healing Brave

Stars shown in the night

With their tiny flickers of light.

Lighting up the pitch black sky,

Perhaps one or two shooting by,

Moonlight gleaming as well,

Lacing the dark sky like a glowing shell.

Stars seem so magical like a fairytale, a fantasy,

They’re awesome whatever they might be!


Sirius(the brightest star)

This is a poem I wrote a long time ago. I wrote it for a drama class(One awesome class, really enjoyable and fun) I had written a part of it just for HW, my teacher loved it and told me to write some more to add to it, now it’s a full poem. Enjoy!!!

I am Sirius, the brightest star,

And I am wonderful and bizarre.

When you’re lost in the dark night all alone,

My light will lead you back home.

Nearly as bright as the sun I shine,

Like shimmering gems in a dark, underground mine.

I am also known as The Dog Star,

You will know why if you look at me from afar.

With all my might I shine and gleam,

Staring at Earth’s pretty rivers and streams.

And if you look up into the night sky, I will be there for you,

Shining and shimmering in a pretty, whitish-blue.