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December-Vibes-Poetry Contest

Ah. Hey! So I was nominated for this by Khushi and Kunjal aka the Duo Disseminators who are also the creators. Either way, I looked at this and I immediately knew it would be fun. So it said there can be up to two entries so I am making two cause there are so many diff things about December, so many diff ways to look at it. Cold and sad, happy and cheerful, so many. Also mysterious, but I couldn’t portray that in a poem, even though I tried.


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  • Last date of submission is 10 January.
  • Word limit ranges to 200 words.
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One: Warmth Of Love

Cold air dances and leaps around,
Snowflakes place themselves on the ground,
Smiles fill the air with joy and glee,
The warmth of love swims free,
The cold whispers and so does the frost,
But within the smiles, it’s lost.
Trees, green and happy, fill the whole place,
The greenery dancing around with grace,
Happiness leaps about, hiding everywhere,
The scent of cinnamon and ginger filling the air.
The cold shivers, colder than ever,
People cough and catch sickly fevers.
But the cold melts away by the warmth of love,
As happiness dances around like a wild dove.
And however cold it might be,
The smiles murder the frost as they dance free!

Two: What do you see?

An icy cold, gloomy and forlorn night,
That lacks happiness and light.
Or a shining and glamourous morning,
Where the joy creeps up without warning?
What is December to you?
Is it a yellow glee or a sadness, blue?
Does the cold creep up sneakily,
Are your eyes droopy and tears a sea?
Or are you dancing in the Christmas lights,
Having parties and enjoying the nights?
Is December full of happiness, love and glee?
Or is it full of sadness and curse that nobody sees?
It all matters on how you look at it,
Do you see the starry lights, how the place is lit,
Or do you see the cold gloominess there might be?
The only thing that matters, is what you see!

That’s all! I changed my mind on not putting what do you see for the contest, lol! Anyways. Nominations…


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Happy Birthday Ira

Happy Birthday Ira! Whoever doesn’t know Ira, you aren’t allowed to not know Ira! Go check out her blog right now! TAP HERE TO OPEN IRA’S BLOG.
Her Birthday was actually on the 27th but I was out of town and forgot to schedule the post. So yep! Either way, Ira is a blogger who I know personally…when I made my blog she helped me with all the themes, name, bla bla bla. She is like a sister to me😂
Anyway, I didn’t know what to do so I thought I’d write a short poem.

To an angel born two days after Christmas day,
Who always seems to have her way,

Happy Birthday, enjoy your special time,
A day as precious as a thousand dimes,

To me you are like a sister and a friend,
We knew each other since 2010.

And that is saying a lot for that was the year I was born,
Either way its been long and we’ve both grown,

And that little Ira is now 13 years,
With a life full of smiles and cheer.

Have a great day and great life to be,
And continue making me smile with glee!

Happy Birthday Ira! ❤

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Broken and Fixed inside

Heylo! Sup. For today’s post, a poem.
Ok ok. Let’s begin already. So I know I’ve written two other poems that begin with “The creature rose from…” but yes. This one can add to the list. Friendship & Reddish-Orange Flash are the other two. Also like the others, I’m not telling you what the creature is, read till the end to find out! Anyway, enjoy! Also yes I acknowledge the poem is weird and random, deal with it!

The creature rose from the depths of darkness,
Most people thought of it as a vicious brutal beast,
They thought of it as no less than a crazy mess.
In their minds all the good thoughts ceased.

But there was more to the creature than fire and flame,
The creature sat and moped all alone in the rain.
There was more to it than violence and mean names.
There was loneliness and a deep deep pain.

The creature had been so lonely infact it was all alone,
It wandered everywhere looking for one of its own kind.
In sadness it took flight but all hope wasn’t gone.
It took the skies promising a friend it would find.

As it flew through the heavens and clouded skies,
People could see its true beauty and grace,
That was always there, just hidden inside,
It had been covered by sadness, bottled up in a case.

Now the beauty stood out, crazy and strong,
It was determined to find a friend,
Who could help it through right and wrong,
A friend that would be there till the very end.

As it circled tall mountains and swooped by low seas,
It saw something spectacular,
Something it simply couldn’t believe,
Along the coast by the sea slightly far away,

Stood a creature glowing through the day,
The creature was large and pretty,
Shining in colors blue, golden and grey.
The creature sat by the sea.

The creature was majestic and strong,
It was large, beautiful and very tall.
As they both saw each other with a glance,
Their hearts filled with joy and they roared a loving call.

The two creatures would be together forever,
The creature had found a friend,
Who would never ever leave,
And be there till life’s end.

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Cat And His Girl

Hello humans! The image of a black cat I used, is Eva @TheAlbumOfAmazing‘s building cat! I kind of based this poem on her and one of her building cats, Midnight, for inspiration♥♥
If you guys haven’t seen Eva’s blog yet then todays the day…her blog is amazing! Mostly photography but she also writes often as well! And her Riddle Wednesday is amazing…Every Wednesday she gives a riddle to solve! Ah!
So go check out her blog- TAP HERE TO OPEN EVA’S BLOG!
Without further ado let us begin my post, a poem on a black cat and her girl!

A slick black figure, lurking through the night,
Its yellow-green eyes, shimmering in the light.
Its paws dusty and weary, its fur ash black,
It walked along the building track.
It slowly and carefully stalked a little mouse,
Following it till it’s house,
Then it leapt attacking the little thing,
In it’s mouth its food it bring.
It then sat in it’s favorite place,
Under the trees green maze,
It ate it’s prey, it munched and chewed,
Tearing apart the meaty food.
Then as the sun rose and day began,
His ears pricked up and he ran,
For he had heard his girl’s voice,
A voice that made him rejoice,
She would feed him everyday,
Pet him, cuddle and play!
A handsome, strong black cat with eyes yellow,
And a little girl with a voice so sweet and mellow.



Heheheh. A teeny tiny bit on the dark side? I know, I know, reading poems about happiness and love and joy is much better but come on! Heheheh. It’s still a amazing poem…
Hello humans, here I write a poem about a person clinging onto life. In the end she dies and her soul is devoured, happy reading!

She stood in the dark shadows,
Holding her heart close,
She scurried towards light,
In the darkness of the night.
As she clung on the the color,
The darkness called to her.
She tried to escape her death,
Clinging onto life, her eyes wet.
But that nobody could do,
Around her the darkness flew,
Then finally with a gulp,
Her body turned to pulp,
They devoured her soul,
She was no longer whole.