Day 6- Pink Is So Much More

Hey people! So the original prompt for day six was write a poem using your last Facebook status, but since I am not on Facebook I am using another prompt.
Lets begin!

Day 6- Write a poem holding the essence of your least favourite color.

Pink is a color ever so pretty
Like a tulip against the sky.
Pink is a color that is endless
Like love that will never die.
Pink is so much more
Than the color of femininity.
Pink is so much more
Than a color timid and shy.
Pink is boxed into categories
Lets break out from that box
And lets write in infinite ink,
That girls can like the color blue
And boys the color pink!


Day 5- Pretty Golden Mess

Hey guys!! This is definitely getting me out of writers block! Lets begin with day five. This was really hard😬
Tell me in the comments whether you understood the poem was about lemons by reading it!

Day 5- Write a three line poem about lemons without using the words-lemon, yellow, round, fruit, citrus, tart, juicy, peel or sour.

A pretty golden mess,
Succulent, pungent, zesty
I love it but I hate it.


Day 3- Sunflower Seeds

Hey guys! The topic for day three way very interesting but a little bit hard. I tried it and my poem turned out a mess so I am altering the prompt a little. The book I opened was Ghost by Jason Reynolds and the first word I saw was sunflower seeds.

Day 3- Find the nearest book of any kind. Open any page and use the first word you see to make a haiku.

Little specks of brown
Birthing golden sunflowers
Giving life to light


Day 1- The Sea Speaks

Hey guys! Riya@Hmmm… has been doing this 20 day challenge, writing a poem each day on given topics to get out of her writers block so I thought I could join her.

Day 1- Write a poem where each line starts with a letter from your first name. It can be about anything, but not about you or your name.

Tensed whispers coming from the tinted blue sea
A hushed tone, a low voice and it speaks to me.
Ringing deep inside my unfortunate ears
A voice singing words that bring me to tears.


The Star Of Bethlehem: A Flower

Hey peeps! Today I am here with a poem and some pictures of the star of Bethlehem also known as the night blooming cereus or the queen of the night.. It has many names and is really a beautiful flower. My grandmother always has flowers growing in her garden and last time we visited her there were 13 flowers of the star of Bethlehem. We were very lucky to see them blooming(they bloom once in their lives and only in the night)
Hope you like the pictures and enjoy reading the poem!

A rosy pink shell
Within a white colorless hue
A gentle yellow center
Drizzled with early morning dew.
Shone like a star
Glowing in the murky sky
Shone like the moon
Staring at us from up high.
A gentle scent of vanilla
Floating into the air
As she opens up at once
Making mouths drop and eyes stare.
Then by morning she wilts
Her petals gently flutter out of sight
But either way, she is and always will be,
the queen of the night.


Fade Away

Heya people. So um I was just sittin’ about when I realized I haven’t posted in a while. And my exams are over, yes, still I don’t seem to get time. I was thinking of how I was kinda “fading away” from the blogsphere and I opened the laptop to write. And here is what came from my idea. A girl fading away from the world and leaving life. She is dying but at the same time it has a peaceful ring to it and a calmness with a kind of freedom.

As the wind blows cold through my hair,
I can feel myself fading away.
As the wind dances and as love floats in the air,
My mouth closes shut with nothing to say.
Those words that always spurt out,
That always come flowing non stop.
Words of gibberish, words of the world,
Words of love and words of hate.
But now not a single word remains.
The world like a hollow of a tree,
Like an empty, rough and stained plate.
As a summer breeze blows warm yet cool,
I feel myself grow dimmer till I’m gone.
Not only words vanish but thoughts perish too.
They burn till crisps as if they were in a merciless flame.
My mind in a state of flurry, of anxiousness and fear,
A striking pain thrust in my heart,
The deep waters a gentle blur,
The sky a mix of nothing, only a blue haze.
As my fate grows clearer, as my hopes fall ablaze,
As my loved ones scream and cry,
As they refuse to take in the truth in horrible groans,
I disappear from the world.
Some might say- “Die with a smile.”
But on my face my lips lay closed shut
My face ice cold, expressionless.
In my eyes two tiny tears sit cursed and vile,
For with the pain, how must I smile?
I fade away leaving no trace.
I circle away from life and it’s worries.
Leaving behind things I hate and things I love.
I fade out of one world and into another.


A choking earth

Hello! I had given in three haikus for Gelina’s haiku contest cause why not! The results came today and I was…second! Congrats to everyone else- since there were so many people with AMAZING haikus I am not gonna take particular names right now! I really loved the contest idea and it not only was fun but I am sure created slight awareness or at least made the people writing think about how bad a situation global warming and climate change is at. Either way- my haikus came out pretty well so here they are-
And honestly the intro is longer than the rest of the post-

Engines running smooth
Smoke fluttering to the sky
Making our Earth cough.

Crisp heat licking Earth
As rain patterns switch and change
The climate askew.

Rivers flowing dry
As droughts grow long, mean and fierce
Earth sick and coughing.



Hey guys, I know I have not been posting as consistently as I used to. And I do have studies, exams coming, lots of other stuff. But none of those are the reason…the reason is I just haven’t found a topic that I feel. Sooo right now I wrote this poem on leaves…and yes I was feeling it. Also thanks for giving me prompts- Some of them were amazing! I have not started doing any prompts but I will definitely. Anyway lets begin-

On the trees thin smooth bits of green,
Dancing in the summer wind,
Hopping through the warm heat,
Swimming through puddles from rain,
Gently falling to the ground,
As they flutter, round, round, round,
A crazy swirl of green and brown,
Flowers yellow like a crown,
Little petals gentle and full of smell,
With happiness they gleefully swell,
Tears of rain from the sky,
The leaves drenched wet by the cries,
The water evaporating in summer heat,
As the leaves swirl at peoples feet,
Gently drying turning to a crisp.