Hey this is a last minute poem and I know I could have done better on it…but I literally have exams so erm lotsa studying going on. Not much time to post- and not too many ideas. Either way between these 2-3 weeks of exams I might post once or twice but probably not so yeah-

A lump in the throat,
As a sharp pencil scribbles down the notes,
A nervousness wandering in the belly,
As your feet turn into a jelly-
A jelly purple and full of fear,
One that trembles as the papers come near,
Yet through the worry, through everything,
A tiny chuckling grin,
For all your notes are scribbled down,
All your grammar, every noun,
Every subject, every chapter there is,
Has been studied from top too bottom,
All the formulas of maths stored in memories,
The science studied from minerals to deciduous trees.
Pencils sharpened, erasers brand new,
Ready for the exams,
And the exams ready for you.