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Janu Photoshoot!

Hey people, I took some beautiful pics of Janu and am going to share them! Lets start!

I am in love with this one! The focus on her paw…how her eyes are looking the other side…how she is sitting…just everything!
Giving me model vibes and this one in particular just feels so aesthetic 🤎
Omg yes. That yawn.
That stare….and the floppy ears…
This one might not have come out how I wanted it to-
Those lil teeth!

Hope Janu put a smile to your face!


Becky’s Springtime Photography Contest

Heya guys! I was looking at my reader when I saw Maggie’s post for this contest. I immediately thought of a photo of Janu with yellow flowers in her collar.
Becky(Rebekah) made this contest for her 100 followers celebration, so congrats to her on reaching a 100!


  1. Choose one photo that you took in 2022 that makes you think of spring! (animals, nature, flowers, etc.)
  2. Make sure the photo is appropriate. Any photos that I don’t think align with this, I won’t include in the final judging and post
  3. Write a blog post including the photo you chose, and the rules, as well as a link to this original post
  4. Tag it ‘beckysphotographycontest’ so I can see all of your posts
  5. Comment on the original post when you’ve published your blog post, so I can see it
  6. The deadline is May 20th
  7. The photos will be judged and I’ll announce the winners on May 31st
  8. All of the photos that were entered will be included in the post, along with links to everyone’s blogs who have participated

The photo…

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Janu’s morning in haikus

Hey peeps! So once before Janu has written haikus(well- well- I mean yeah I wrote them as her but shush it…), and I quite liked them. If you haven’t read that then TAP HERE. Anyways, lets begin with todays haikus, which will have how Janu’s morning goes around. Also btw I will be doing her afternoon+evening and night as well so keep an eye out!

Are they still asleep?
It is four in the morning!
Fat, lazy humans.

Finally a noise,
She is going to the loo,
Yay she is awake.

She gives me petting,
She is going back to bed,
Will get on the bed.

I must lick nonstop,
Maybe if I do some whines,
She will take me down.

She is awake now
I must be all cutie-pie,
So she takes me out.

One second is that?
My leash! Lets go walking now!
Forgot the poo bag.

Come on lets go now!
Finally we are going!
Can’t wait to play!

We are at the park,
Imli Rani is here too!
She is my bestie.

We are both ofleash,
We will nibble, play, run, race,
And chew grass.

I will chew her ears,
We will speed around the sand,
I am way faster.

Look Ginger is here,
Though he is the alpha male,
He’s a goofy pup.

He always joins us,
Me and Imli are his girls,
He gets protective.

We race in the sand,
They try to catch up with me but,
I am the fastest.

Imli loves to dig,
She begins digging the sand,
So elegently.

I try to as well,
Not as graceful and pretty,
Yet I make a hole.

I poop on the grass,
Imli poops in the dry leaves,
I pee on her poo.

We both munch on grass,
The humans jokingly say,
That we are part goat.

Honestly they know,
The grass is for the stomach,
If it hurts or cramps.

Some more ear biting,
Some leg chewing, tail pulling,
And then the walk ends.

They try to catch us,
Put the leashes back on us,
And then we go up.

Now the girl feeds me,
Hope it is chicken and rice,
Alas it’s kibble.

Wait one second is that?
Bacon oil on top of it?
Yum yum yum yum yum!

I want to sleep now,
I am tired after playing,
For nearly two hours.

sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep.
SLEEP sleep SLEEP sleep SLEEP!

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My Life With Janu

Janu has grown. She is now 11 months! On March 7th, she turns a year old(I will definitely have a post)! She is doing amazing! Here I have some pictures of her, which I took, Some of them are honestly stunning! Anyway-

Gib my nose a boop?
See, I is a confusion ok!
I HAB A TOY, Ladida.
Whine Whine.
Ok so Janu Legit did this to me, her ball went under the TV stand and she whined, then when I got it out she dropped the ball under again! Over and over🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
And last but not least…her catching the ball mid air. Btw, she also learned how to catch a frisbee, super cool, right?