I am a forester: My experience

Hey guys! I wrote this poem in the view of a forester for a school project and I am sharing it with you guys as well! Hope you enjoy reading! And many apologies for how on and off I am with my posts. I promise I am trying.

I speak for the forest, I speak for the trees
I speak so that they can stand.
I use my voice in the hopes people see
How lucky we are to have tree covered land.

I stay in the woodlands, onsite,
Camping out on the grass covered floor.
I am happy, though I have some sleepless nights,
and cross paths with some wild boar.

The encounters with animals of all kind
Is probably my favourite thing of it all,
For I’ve found lorises that are rare to find
And bobcats who lurk and prowl.

Then there are the trees I get to work with,
Evergreen trees: Red cedar, oak and royal palm,
Deciduous trees: Maple elm and birch.
All deep in the dense forest, yet ever so calm.

I work hard, I find a balance, planting trees nonstop,
Yet people always seem to beat me
For thousands more than what I plant are chopped.
But I will keep trying until people start to love the trees.

I am a forester!
I speak for the forest, for every single tree.
Because they don’t have voices
And because nobody else would speak.