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Hey guys! I know my posts are really on and off, I don’t post for months then I appear with like five posts and I’m sorry. I don’t think it’s lack of time….just lack of ideas. Either way…lets get into todays post…some photography of a cat.

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Thrill Of Chasing Cats

Hello. Hello. Hello. Whoops, why’d I say that three times. Nobody knows. Anyway, poem. Dog chase cat. The thrill of chase. Woof. I think it turned out well, tell me your thoughts in the comments. Lets goooo!-

A grin on the dogs little fluffy face,
It’s brain dancing with the thrill of chase,
A furry ball of licks and glee,
Slowly walked like the tides of the sea,
It elegantly moved in a stalk,
On the cat it’s eyes were locked,
But the cat saw it and it leaped away,
Through the sunlight of the day,
The dog followed in a leap,
Towards the cat it began to creep,
But the cat had tricks of it’s own,
As it leaped onto a wall without a groan,
The dog whined and jumped and tried,
The cat sat on the top with pride,
Then to the other side the cat went,
The dog went all around using it’s scent,
As it feasted it’s eyes upon the cat,
The cat just gently sat,
And as the dog began to near it,
The cat growled in a hissing spit,
But regardless of the warning,
It walked on as the sun shone in the morning,
It neared closer with it’s tongue out,
And the cat attacked without a doubt,
Razor claws against the cheek,
The dog carefully took a peek,
As the cat scuttered out of sight,
The dog chased, without fright.