Day 2- Even The Skies Are Different For You

Hey! I’m back! The topic for the second day is write a five line poem to the last person you texted. The last person I texted is my brother who moved away for college…so here we go.

Day 2- Who was the last person you texted? Write a five line poem to that person.

Its been months since you moved away,
I no longer see you every day.
When it’s morning for me it’s night for you.
When for me the sun is shining and skies are blue,
The same skies might be cloudy and gray for you.



I wrote this poem quite a while ago for my brother Rana’s birthday. Hope you guys enjoy!❤

Rana is my older brother, With me he doesn’t play,

Siblings are always annoying, so don’t mind all I say

He pokes me, kicks me, bites me and sits on me

But let’s get all the facts, I do all this to him too, you see?

He is always hogging Netflix, that’s a fact that I hate

I ask him but he ignores which turns into a argue and debate

He is 6 feet 4 inches tall and so looks down at me,

Calls me short, acting as if i’m just a tiny, irksome, buzzy bee

His drawings, his art they are something to behold

So are his crafts, his paintings and his clay moulds.

He also cooks quite well, mixing strange things together

He cooks, he eats, he loves food. Chicken, mutton, ham and burgers.

Often he is fun and plays, otherwise he is grumpy and rude

It all depends on other things in his life and especially his mood.

His hair has grown long and looks pretty, it reaches his shoulders now,

But when he doesn’t comb it, it looks like he’s a monkey or a cow

It looks quite like he is going bald here and there

Maybe he won’t bald if he takes some care

He is big, annoying and often stinky, but I love him all the same

Midget, brat, little rat he calls me all these names.

However annoying siblings are, they are precious like gems

And deep inside you always have a bit of your heart kept for them

I love Rana and I always will, however far he might be,

Whether he is across the ocean or across the largest sea.

Happy Birthday Rana~