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12th Birthday

I turned 12 yesterday. After lots of not knowing what to do I finally decided to go to a petting farm+horse trail at a place I had gone to camp for before. I went with a couple of friends.
It was amazing. We went for the morning slot, so they served breakfast which was waffles, sandwiches and idli sambaar.
Then we were given buckets with leafy vegetables, carrots and bread crumbs. We were told which animals to give what and started.
My Mom took pictures of some of the animals and though there are only a few and they aren’t the best I am going to share them with you and tell you about the animals.

In the rabbit enclosure with these beautiful creatures.
Some climbed onto our laps while eating. Others did not.
Lovely birds. There were Cockatoos, Sunbirds, African greys and even a Greater sulphur crested Cockatoo called Kenzing. And guess what? Kenzing did backflips!
We even passed some of the horse stables and I think the horses were one of my favorite. They were strong beautiful and each with their own personality.
There were two pigs, Peppa and George. Hilariously named after every young kids favorite cartoon.
Then there were turtles. They had their own little pond, though they had to share it with guppy fish. Some turtles were basking in the sun while others swam.
There were geese which we were to give bread crumbs to by hand. They were all squawking around and there were even two little chicks.
Then another one of my favorites. Guinea pigs! They didn’t come under my favorites because they were small and cute. It was because they were paying attention to the humans unlike the rabbits who only wanted food.
They were lovely creatures, each different. Some had only black, some had black and brown, some were just brown some just white. There were even some younger ones, though we didn’t get to hold or feed them since they were small and stomachs wouldn’t have been digesting solid food as yet.
I loved how each of them had they’re own individual patterns and personalities. Some were more curios and were climbing around us, some sat still, some just wanted food.
Finally the riding trail. Sorry about the blurred picture, I had to crop myself out and zoom in. All the horses were beautiful, I rode QuickSilver, who is the one in this picture. He was a thoroughbred, dappled grey in color.
I was quite bummed not to have ridden Mia, who is this beautiful horse here. She is the one I rode in camp and I think we formed a bit of a bond between those 7 rides. I love how she has striped hair naturally. If you saw the entire pic of her, she is actually brown with white spots. She is a Gypsy Vanner by breed and the sweetest soul by heart. While riding Quicksilver, I was busy staring at her since she was right in front of me.
And finally, before leaving we cut this beautiful cake. Then my friends put some on my face-
And some got in my hair-

Anu Aunty

Happy Birthday Anu! Hope you have a great day!
Anu aunty is one of my close family friends Mother…who is also a very close friend of my Mom. She works, paints, loves all things fancy and is ready to cook up a midnight snack in the middle of the night however late it might be!

How can such a kind, sweet and loving person exist?
Are you an angel sent from heaven’s magical, enchanted mists?

A person so caring, so happy and so so warm,
Though I am sure when you are mad you become wild like a storm.

Wild like your hair all pretty in crazy waves of back and brown,
Like your beautiful red dresses that are fit to be called gowns.

Whenever I am around I get either coffee or a cup of hot chocolate,
With dripping caramel swirling on the top and cocoa beneath it.

Then there is the paneer and oh the cauliflower too!
Your food itself could put a smile on the face of someone feeling blue!

And how can I forget your waffles, your pasta and your fruit punch,
Food that always makes the best breakfast, dinner and lunch!

Right in the middle of the night, ready to cook up a midnight snack,
Whatever the food is and whether or not you are using a cooking hack.

Then there is your garden to which you attend,
Full of flowers with an aromatic, gentle and sweet scent.

A beautiful garden where nature grows, plants and trees everywhere,
Such a pretty garden that I just want to sit and stare.

And then your paintings, Oh what do I say?
They are some of the best paintings I’ve seen- any day!

All so pretty and so beautiful you sit painting through it all,
With dedicated strokes of the brush painting the orange season of fall,

Painting nature, painting the beautiful beach and sea, painting trees green,
At drawing and painting- You are the queen!

Always with a wide smile on your face, always cheerful and full of glee,
How much ever work you might have whatever the situation might be,

That smiling face, so happy and so merry,
Always so free.

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Happy Birthday Ira

Happy Birthday Ira! Whoever doesn’t know Ira, you aren’t allowed to not know Ira! Go check out her blog right now! TAP HERE TO OPEN IRA’S BLOG.
Her Birthday was actually on the 27th but I was out of town and forgot to schedule the post. So yep! Either way, Ira is a blogger who I know personally…when I made my blog she helped me with all the themes, name, bla bla bla. She is like a sister to me😂
Anyway, I didn’t know what to do so I thought I’d write a short poem.

To an angel born two days after Christmas day,
Who always seems to have her way,

Happy Birthday, enjoy your special time,
A day as precious as a thousand dimes,

To me you are like a sister and a friend,
We knew each other since 2010.

And that is saying a lot for that was the year I was born,
Either way its been long and we’ve both grown,

And that little Ira is now 13 years,
With a life full of smiles and cheer.

Have a great day and great life to be,
And continue making me smile with glee!

Happy Birthday Ira! ❤