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12th Birthday

I turned 12 yesterday. After lots of not knowing what to do I finally decided to go to a petting farm+horse trail at a place I had gone to camp for before. I went with a couple of friends.
It was amazing. We went for the morning slot, so they served breakfast which was waffles, sandwiches and idli sambaar.
Then we were given buckets with leafy vegetables, carrots and bread crumbs. We were told which animals to give what and started.
My Mom took pictures of some of the animals and though there are only a few and they aren’t the best I am going to share them with you and tell you about the animals.

In the rabbit enclosure with these beautiful creatures.
Some climbed onto our laps while eating. Others did not.
Lovely birds. There were Cockatoos, Sunbirds, African greys and even a Greater sulphur crested Cockatoo called Kenzing. And guess what? Kenzing did backflips!
We even passed some of the horse stables and the horse stables were my fav. They horses were strong beautiful and each with their own personality.
There were two pigs, Peppa and George. Hilariously named after every young kids favorite cartoon.
Then there were turtles. They had their own little pond, though they had to share it with guppy fish. Some turtles were basking in the sun while others swam.
There were geese which we were to give bread crumbs to by hand. They were all squawking around and there were even two little chicks.
Then another one of my favorites. Guinea pigs! They didn’t come under my favorites because they were small and cute. It was because they were paying attention to the humans unlike the rabbits who only wanted food.
They were lovely creatures, each different. Some had only black, some had black and brown, some were just brown some just white. There were even some younger ones, though we didn’t get to hold or feed them since they were small and stomachs wouldn’t have been digesting solid food as yet.
I loved how each of them had they’re own individual patterns and personalities. Some were more curios and were climbing around us, some sat still, some just wanted food.
Finally the riding trail. Sorry about the blurred picture, I had to crop myself out and zoom in. All the horses were beautiful, I rode QuickSilver, who is the one in this picture. He was a thoroughbred, dappled grey in color.
I was quite bummed not to have ridden Mia, who is this beautiful horse here. She is the one I rode in camp and I think we formed a bit of a bond between those 7 rides. I love how she has striped hair naturally. If you saw the entire pic of her, she is actually brown with white spots. She is a Gypsy Vanner by breed and the sweetest soul by heart. While riding Quicksilver, I was busy staring at her since she was right in front of me.
And finally, before leaving we cut this beautiful cake. Then my friends put some on my face-
And some got in my hair-
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Cat And His Girl

Hello humans! The image of a black cat I used, is Eva @TheAlbumOfAmazing‘s building cat! I kind of based this poem on her and one of her building cats, Midnight, for inspiration♥♥
If you guys haven’t seen Eva’s blog yet then todays the day…her blog is amazing! Mostly photography but she also writes often as well! And her Riddle Wednesday is amazing…Every Wednesday she gives a riddle to solve! Ah!
So go check out her blog- TAP HERE TO OPEN EVA’S BLOG!
Without further ado let us begin my post, a poem on a black cat and her girl!

A slick black figure, lurking through the night,
Its yellow-green eyes, shimmering in the light.
Its paws dusty and weary, its fur ash black,
It walked along the building track.
It slowly and carefully stalked a little mouse,
Following it till it’s house,
Then it leapt attacking the little thing,
In it’s mouth its food it bring.
It then sat in it’s favorite place,
Under the trees green maze,
It ate it’s prey, it munched and chewed,
Tearing apart the meaty food.
Then as the sun rose and day began,
His ears pricked up and he ran,
For he had heard his girl’s voice,
A voice that made him rejoice,
She would feed him everyday,
Pet him, cuddle and play!
A handsome, strong black cat with eyes yellow,
And a little girl with a voice so sweet and mellow.


Hello humans

Hello humans! I haven’t posted in quite a while so-

Ok then, sorry. What should I call you? A demon. Yes, ok then…
Hello humans and demons! I haven’t posted in quite a while so-

Hey! Come on, stop interrupting me! Aw fine!
Hello humans, demons and animals! I haven’t posted in quite a while so-

And you are a-
What’s the word? Yeti right? Oh fine!
Hello humans, demons, animals and yetis! I haven’t posted in quite a while so-

Seriously? More interrupting. Fine.
Hello humans, demons, animals, yetis and Halloween children! I haven’t posted in quite a while so-

I see, my list isn’t over is it? You are gonna keep showing up and saying you aren’t any of what I listed out! Well not this time!
Hello all living things! Hello! I haven’t posted in a while so-

Oh that’s it! Hello everyone! May I now finish this post? You’ve made it long enough already! Lets just stop at this! Oh and btw I made all of those on Canva…hope you enjoyed seeing me be interrupted by countless creatures over and over again.

I know that lettuce, I know that! Now let us finish this post and leave!

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Black Cats

A poem I wrote long ago. And when I say long I mean long. Ok not that long, probably a few years though! I actually like it pretty much, so I dug it out and thought I’d share!!!

The little girl had been stranded for awfully long,

Each night she’d cry and sing herself the same old song.

As the stranded girl walked in circles tears streaming from her face,

A black cat chasing a mouse crossed her path at an amazingly fast pace!

Suddenly BAM! POOF! she floated away on a magic piece of pizza?

She flew and flew far from the meadow,

But alas she wasn’t home she was on the top of the rainbow!

The land she was in was indeed spectacular and the nicest place she’d been,

She stared at the world from up above, it was the prettiest site she’d ever seen!

She watches as the black cats sacrifice their rainbow colors to keep the rainbow alive,

She hoists their power and leads them, and she and the cats together thrive!

She’s the happiest person there is,

Sitting on the rainbow eating chicken roast and drinking appy fizz!

And she is there right now watching you from up above!

The cats curling up with her and walking around her like elegant doves!

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Hungry Strays

Hello! This poem is similar to the last I wrote. That’s the mood I’m in…#SaveTheStrays
Anyway this poem is dedicated to a family of strays that live near my building.

The mother- Mouse
Mouse- She is the tiniest little thing and is so sweet. She is terrified of humans, but I still love her with all my heart. She had her first litter of puppies, when she was way too young to be a mother and they all died. Her second litter and she still live. Her name is Mouse, because she is the tiniest little thing, so tiny her puppies are bigger than her. This is because she is malnourished. Her pups, like her are also malnourished.
Something else about her- We tried our best to make sure she doesn’t get pregnant again, but sadly we didn’t manage. So she is pregnant, again 😦

Her four pups- Brave, Socks, Foxy and Whitey.
Brave– Brave is the bravest of the litter, the closest he has reached is licking me and allowing me to pet him. I couldn’t think of a name for him, so I’d just call him brave for he was the bravest, then that became his name.
Socks– Socks comes second, he is sweet and loving and always wags his tail when he sees me. He is called socks because he has hazel fur but white paws, like socks.
Foxy- Foxy comes next, she isn’t that scared but she is scared. Did my sentence not make sense? Well she is the boldest. She will bark her head of at you, because she is scared. She is called Foxy because her ears stand up like a foxes ears.
Whitey- Then finally comes little Whitey, the runt. You just want to give her a big hug and tell her she is safe. She is terrified of people and unlike Foxy, tries to disappear and not be seen instead of barking. Her bark is like a little cough.

Well here goes the poem-

Stray dogs wander and walk everywhere,
Hungry, thirsty and tired they stare,
Stare with hope, for the tiniest crumb of bread,
Stare with the hope to be loved and fed.

Stray dogs wander and walk with aching paws,
Just to get food into their families jaws.
Through the day they beg and plead,
They run around with zooming speed.

No smiles, no love, no food, no water,
Is all they get through the day that grows hotter.
Sometimes when they are in luck,
They get bits of bread or a chicken chunk.

They wander through the streets,
In the hope of a single treat.
They wander through the lanes,
Hiding their pain.

A bread crumb, old rotten chapati or egg,
Is all they want when they beg.
For a tiny piece of food, whatever it be,
Could save them and their family!

I hope you like it…and maybe one day I will get some pictures of the family to share!

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Hello people! I haven’t written a poem in a while XD. So here I am writing a poem. It turned out well! Its about-
Well it’s about a creature, whose identity you shall find at the end of this poem!

Oh and also you might get confused why the name is ‘Friendship’, for that as well, stick around till the end to find out!
I think the poem turned out pretty well. I like it and I hope you do too!

The creature rose from the trash,
Covered in dirt and ash,
The ash slowly flew away,
As the creature moved through the day.

The creature ran fast through the days heat,
It ran full of speed, it was light on its feet,
It ran looking for water and food,
Ignoring all the people that were being rude.

The people thought it dirty and old,
They threw stones as it shivered in the cold,
They watched it and didn’t even care,
Of how it was weak, wounded and scared.

A little boy sat by the road waiting for it,
It threw for the creature, egg and bread bits.
The creatures stomach leaped in joy,
Smiling at the little boy.

And forever they were friends,
To life’s very end.
The dog and the boy,
They lived with joy!

I was hoping this poem would emphasize on how the people were mean to the stray dog and a little boy who was kind changed the strays whole life!

Janu says hello to all of you!

See you next post! Lettuce leave!

Za I am za lettuce! And honestly, I am za hurt! I mean I waz really wanting a holiday, but za way you said that. “Lettuce leave.”
I have been here for you when you said lettuce start the post when you said-

Ok dude.
1- The post has ended, why are we still here?
2- All of those times I said let us.
3- I said let us this time too.
4- Where’d you get the suitcase and map?

Oh za I should get my hearing checked. I’m sure u said za lettuce not za let us. Za anyway. I hereby end this post! I think.

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Dogs and Puppies

I love animals, especially dogs. I grew up with a dog named Swami and even now I have a dog, Janu. Dogs are just marvelous. So here’s a poem I wrote about them!

I love dogs and puppies and I am quite sure they like me too,

They are absolutely wonderful, the topic isn’t up to argue!

Little furballs spreading love and joy

But, beware they have feelings too, they aren’t a toy!

Licks, licks full of love and sometimes nibbling here and there

Licks, nibbling, cuddles and annoyingly bits of hair left everywhere!

Never ever pull their tail, don’t you dare,

Or from them you will get a fierce, angry glare.

They might be naughty, spoil things or bark a lot

But soon they’ll learn anything they are taught

Sometimes you just need to let them be dogs, picking up things from the ground,

Rolling in mud, eating random things and sniffing around.

Most of them love to eat meat, bones and treats

Cucumber, carrots or mango. What strange things some eat.

Most of them love tummy rubs, warm, happy, loving and never blue,

When they turn around showing their belly, their weakest spot, it’s a sign they trust in you.

Dogs and puppies, they are a man’s best friend

And with their love, any broken heart they can mend.