Hey this is a last minute poem and I know I could have done better on it…but I literally have exams so erm lotsa studying going on. Not much time to post- and not too many ideas. Either way between these 2-3 weeks of exams I might post once or twice but probably not so yeah-

A lump in the throat,
As a sharp pencil scribbles down the notes,
A nervousness wandering in the belly,
As your feet turn into a jelly-
A jelly purple and full of fear,
One that trembles as the papers come near,
Yet through the worry, through everything,
A tiny chuckling grin,
For all your notes are scribbled down,
All your grammar, every noun,
Every subject, every chapter there is,
Has been studied from top too bottom,
All the formulas of maths stored in memories,
The science studied from minerals to deciduous trees.
Pencils sharpened, erasers brand new,
Ready for the exams,
And the exams ready for you.



Hey guys, I know I have not been posting as consistently as I used to. And I do have studies, exams coming, lots of other stuff. But none of those are the reason…the reason is I just haven’t found a topic that I feel. Sooo right now I wrote this poem on leaves…and yes I was feeling it. Also thanks for giving me prompts- Some of them were amazing! I have not started doing any prompts but I will definitely. Anyway lets begin-

On the trees thin smooth bits of green,
Dancing in the summer wind,
Hopping through the warm heat,
Swimming through puddles from rain,
Gently falling to the ground,
As they flutter, round, round, round,
A crazy swirl of green and brown,
Flowers yellow like a crown,
Little petals gentle and full of smell,
With happiness they gleefully swell,
Tears of rain from the sky,
The leaves drenched wet by the cries,
The water evaporating in summer heat,
As the leaves swirl at peoples feet,
Gently drying turning to a crisp.


Foggy Glasses

Hey guys! Poem here again!
Come on that is what I do- Write poems…ok ok I do other things but um-
Ok so um I got specs recently so in this poem I tried to capture how the world is prettier yet more dull since colors are not as vivid. How at first it is hard to walk down stairs cause of the distortion of shapes and how the glasses fog up when you let out deep breaths.

A gentle fog upon the glass,
One which gently begins to pass,
The world clear and clean,
Through the frame of green,
Walking down steps, step by step,
Shapes distorted, trying not to trip,
Every breath gently forms,
Into a fog like storm,
The rain comes down,
And vision blurs with a frown,
Then slowly the storm wanders away,
Light shining through the day,
Glints catching the glasses,
As people walk by in masses,
The world clean and details clear,
Like the center of a flower in a purple sphere,
Like bristles on top of a dirty green leaf,
Like eyes of happiness and tears of grief,
Like shining rods made of of metal,
And colors of beauty on flower petals,
The world pretty, yet a foggy storm, a battle,
As the glasses thud to the ground with a rattle,
Things in the distance blurred, unable to see much,
Put the glasses back on in a rush,
Green frames upon the nose,
The world prettier than a rose,
Yet colors not as vivid nor as bright,
Though the glasses much improve sight,
The world pretty beautiful but at the same time drab,
Due to the glasses a headache that feels like a stab,
A confusing mixture of dull, of pretty and of foggy tornados,
As the glasses sit on the nose with a sunlit glow.

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Give me poetry/writing prompts

Hey people! So I was thinking about what else I could write about, I tried a few topics but I really wasn’t feeling any of them, ya know?
So I was hoping you guys could give me some prompts! Just put them in the comments and I will try to do most of them! Thanks!
Try to keep them as unique as possible!

Anyway I know this is a short post but lettuce end here.

Lettuce: Za I am za lettuce! And I muzt say itz been long since you called me to start or end a post!

Um I meant let us?

Lettuce: nO you said lettuce. And you haven’t called me in so long.

Fine! Just end the post already!


Rotten fruits

So I am sitting on the table doing math and I see half an apple on the table. I feel it and poke around and on top it has that crusty brown layer that apples have. That apple wasn’t rotten but it made me start to think-
“A crusty brown layer of rot…”
And then I thought…why not a poem about rotten fruits? So here you are-

An apple outside blood red,
A dark stem right at its head,
Its body cut straight down,
As its side turns into a brown,
Its sweet and sugary insides,
Turn black on all the sides,

A peach, round, pale pink and furry skin,
Fleshy and orange within,
But brown spots flashing everywhere,
The fruit flies hungrily stare,
As the outside fur begins to rot,
And the insides turn into clots,
Clots of thick ooey gooey flesh,
Not at all fresh.

A papaya wrapped thick,
With newspapers that stick,
A sweet fruit with a musky tang,
As onto life it hangs,
Fruit flies invading the fruit,
Gulping down their tasty loot.

A guava tropical, small and sweet,
Something we all love to eat,
Outside green bumpy skin,
Yet pink softness within,
Either way,
The fruit turns gray,
And gets small spots of brown,
The spots spreading across its crown.

A banana yellow and bright,
But this banana, not such a great sight,
Rotting everywhere, yellow turned to black,
Prettiness and freshness the banana lacks,
As flies attack and steal in mouth loads,
Like all the other fruits, this too rotten.

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Ants point of view

Hey guys! Here is a small poem of how an ant sees the world since it is small. Now I know, ants don’t think this much, or maybe even at all. They don’t see colors. They don’t-
Well my point is- I know some of this might not be accurate, this poem is more shaped on how it may see things based on its size. Also erm sorry for the ending but couldn’t help it.

I scramble around,
Through thick muddy ground,
And through fields so tall,
Blades of grass the size of walls,
With plants tall and green,
Trees bigger than anything I’ve seen,
The lights shining bright,
Through the lamps on the roadside,
Shining onto the street,
As I find something to eat,
A sweet cake crumb,
Gently sticking to my gum,
A little green leaf flying in a flutter,
Falls on my body as I shudder,
Then my ant friends join me,
And together we carry the leaf with glee,
Then suddenly I see a shoe,
Gigantic in size colored white and blue,
It comes in front and blocks,
my view standing tall like a rock,
Then suddenly a hand comes down in a smash,
My ant friends running away in a clash,
But my body beneath the hand fails to run,
For my life has been finished, it is now done.



Ladida Ladida Ladiada. I know I know very unnecessary.
Hey people! Poem here for you on “How you feel when you are alone”. The happiness to be alone and sit with yourself listening to your own thoughts, yet the boredom and long for someone to talk with. And at the same time there is also a worry cause I mean you are alone.

Sometimes you just need to be alone,
The silence gently seeping in,
The surroundings peaceful and calm to the bone,
Your smile twisted with a grin.
Yet sometimes the silence goes too deep,
The calmness spreads too far,
As inside, inside, inside and inside it seeps,
Till the thoughts wonder afar,
Triggering worrisome thoughts,
Ones of dread and fear,
In the stomach a twisted knot,
One not so full of cheer.
Though you need to interact,
Sometimes you need to sit with yourself,
Letting go the thoughts bottled up and intact,
Let them fly free wander like a forest elf.
Thoughts that cannot be heard,
Over children screaming in school,
The loud chirping of birds,
And screeching of a metal stool.
However fun being alone might be,
As you sit around stuck in a book,
Write poems about the splashing sea,
And in the kitchen snacks you cook,
At some point you long,
For someone home with you,
As you listen to a song,
And stare at the sky so blue.