Hey guys! So Riya@Hmmm had posted this prompt. She said it was something she wrote which she couldn’t think of how to continue. I am not gonna continue it cause even I have no idea what should come next, but I am going to change the part she wrote a little. Do read her version too, and feel free to use this and that as a prompt.

My clock glowed.
11:32 PM
It was 28 minutes away from beeping my life into chaos, 28 minutes until my 18th birthday. My parents were definitely more psyched then me. I mean woohoo finally an adult…Right…?
The truth is, I was dreading my birthday.

A few years ago I had made a promise to myself. A promise that I would tell my family the secret by the end of my birthday. Nobody besides me and Ara knew about it, I couldn’t even admit it to my diary! How the hell was I going to tell Maa tomorrow?

So here I am hiding in my room writing while I try to figure out a life-changing revelation speech that won’t make my parent’s minds burst into a thousand pieces.


Mrs Patil, Aarya’s mother knocked on the door to no reply.
“Open up Shona…it’s your birthday.” Mrs Patils voice traveled through the door and into the ears of her sleeping daughter.

“Morning Maa. Thank you for the wishes.” Aarya muttered groggily.

“Get ready, we have lots planned for today.” Mrs Patil continued.


The start to something

Hey guys! Long time no post…
I know this isn’t much and it is just a tit bit of something I am working on but yeah. I plan to work on this and continue it at some point but mhm…its still just raw drafts. I am going for a kinda western with horses/guns/some outlaws bla bla feel. I have somewhat of a plan for what happens past this and what I can change within this but I am open to ideas, so do give me some. Oh and credit to my friend on the idea.

I felt Jadora panicking before I saw it myself, a thick fog had begun closing up on the two of us and Jadora’s eyes struggled to see clearly. I cursed under my breath. I myself couldn’t see anything past Jadora’s dark flaxen mane and ginger coat.
As I sat upon her holding the reins tight I heard gunshots. They rang in my ears along with the bloodcurling screams of villagers. Jadora heard them too.
She began jumping and kicking backwards.
“It’s them.” I muttered while calming my horse. “They are coming after us.”
I began to panic. As the fog only grew upon us, I lost all judgment of distance and space. The only thing that entered my eye was the white of the fog, thick and empty. I felt the bullet hit me before my brain could register anything that was happening. Straight through my chest like a piecing arrow bolting through the heart of it’s prey.
I slowly lost consciousness and felt my body thumping down against Jaroda’s. I could hear her neigh in confusion as she began bolting through the fog. Then everything became a blur.

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Dinosaur Besties: Kid Series

Heya people! I am back with one of these dinosaur tales. They need work and I plan to work on them more, but along with working on them I am sharing them with you for your opinions, ideas and corrections. Do feel free to suggest things. And for those who haven’t read the other two, I started writing them for my six year old dinosaur loving cousin.
Tap here for part 1
Tap here for part 2
And lets begin part three…

Today Roxy and Spike are exploring the swamps. The swamps are a beautiful place, they have lots of water and there are weeds and plants growing everywhere! On the edges of the swamps grew fields and fields of mangrove plants.
“What a pretty place! So much greenery!” Spike said, nibbling on the moss and weeds that were deeply rooted into the ground.
“It is quite pretty, but there are better places to explore!” Roxy groaned.
“Come on! We might see something interesting!” Spike said, swallowing a big gulp of ferns.
“Fine!” Roxy said, as they walked down, right towards the water. Roxy bent down and took a gulp of the water. Inside the green waters stood a dinosaur. It was greenish- blue and stood on two legs. It had a weird shape on its head.
“Hi?” Roxy asked.
“T-Rex. Huh T-Rex. You T-Rex?” It spoke back in panicked stutters. It looked pretty young. “T-REX?” It yelled, suddenly worried.
“Excuse me? I’m not going to do anything, don’t worry,”
“Yep, she is my best friend, she won’t hurt you!” Spike said to the dinosaur.
“Ok. Ok.” It said, then it swam straight into the waters.
“Woah! That was a cool dinosaur! Can you tell me something about it from your book?”
“Well ok, I think it’s a duckbill dinosaur. Let’s check.” Spike said. He started looking for his book.
“One minor issue, Roxy, I can’t find my book. No no no! It has a lot of important information on dinosaurs! I love that book, where could it be?” Spike cried.
“Hey it’s ok, we will find it!” Roxy yelled enthusiastically.
“O- ok.” Spike said. “I don’t know where it could be, Roxy. I-” Spike stuttered.
“Hey, its ok, we will find it.” Roxy ensured Spike.
Then they started searching. They checked the bog, they checked the meadow, they checked everywhere! Yet, they didn’t find a book. They kept searching.
“Maybe it’s at our secret hideout.” Roxy said.
“It better be. We were there yesterday, maybe I forgot it then.” Spike murmured. They both ran to the hideout, but no book. “We forgot to check the swamp!” Roxy said.
Then they ran to the swamp. They looked everywhere, then they saw it. It was floating on a lily plant leaf in the waters.  “I can’t swim.” Roxy said. “Nor can I!” Spike said.
Then in came the little duckbill dinosaur they had seen before. He picked up the book in his mouth and put it at the shore. Then he went back into the waters.
“I thought I lost you forever!” Spike said to the book.
“Anything lost, can always be found.” Roxy said with a smile.

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Give me poetry/writing prompts

Hey people! So I was thinking about what else I could write about, I tried a few topics but I really wasn’t feeling any of them, ya know?
So I was hoping you guys could give me some prompts! Just put them in the comments and I will try to do most of them! Thanks!
Try to keep them as unique as possible!

Anyway I know this is a short post but lettuce end here.

Lettuce: Za I am za lettuce! And I muzt say itz been long since you called me to start or end a post!

Um I meant let us?

Lettuce: nO you said lettuce. And you haven’t called me in so long.

Fine! Just end the post already!


Story Part

Sup. Soo um, Ik I haven’t posted in a while and I am sorry. Not that any of you people care. Either way, I put together a small story part. Also one thing, I am running out of ideas for what to write, so please gimme suggestions in the comments. And again, three random words. Now lets start…

500+ Foggy Forest Pictures [Stunning!] | Download Free Images on Unsplash

Ash opened her eyes gently. They flickered as the daylight stung them. Then all of a sudden the light disappeared an she couldn’t feel anything. Her legs dangled under her and her body was numb. The darkness devoured her as she rolled down into a pit, hitting the ground with a thump.
“What the-” Ash murmured, getting up to take in the place she was in.
It was a wide area, covered in darkness. It looked like a forest, trees covering the place and vines strangling around, but, they were all dead. Just as she got a look of the place, something rolled down hitting the ground. Thump. Thump. Ash groaned and looked around, just to see to people. Then she heard her own voice, which had escaped her, yelling. “Ah! What is this place! I wake up and fall somewhere just to see it is a dead forest, then two other people fall in.”
“Ash?” One of them said. Ash caught her breath and looked at the person, only to realize, they were both her friends. Ara and Nik.
She groaned as the surroundings changed, the coat of bitterness and darkness disappeared. Beneath there was a whole hidden world. The plants grew crazily, flowers fruited in vivid colors and animals wandered free.
They gasped, taking in the beauty.
“Still doesn’t explain why we are here and what just happened.” Nik said, breaking the silence. Ash rolled her eyes.

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Hey people. Merry Christmas. Fact: I don’t celebrate Christmas! Might seem strange too some of you but eh. Though, I did have a party and bonfire with my friends yesterday! And we all had stockings, we roasted Marshmallows, made smores, had food. I made Chocolate Mousse for dessert! Either way, I thought I’d write a poem but…I always write a poem…so short story, that actually has an ending😂…

Jentzen sat in her room jamming music on her headphones. Everytime I cry: Ava Max. Let Me Down Slowly: Alec Benjamin. Friends: Annie Marie.
“Jen. Come on, it’s time for dinner.” Jen’s sister yelled from another room. By her tone, it was understood that she was most probably rolling her eyes in circles. Jentzen groaned.
“God! Wait five minutes, would you?” She yelled back as she turned her computer off and whacked her headphones into the drawer.
Then she leaped downstairs. She could smell roast chicken, which made her happy. Good food could always put a smile on her face. She grinned as she sat on the table.
“Mama, did you feed Leaf today?” Jen’s sister Liana asked.
“Yes, you asked me to so I did.” She said, nodding. Leaf was the family dog, a German Shepard, Lab and Husky mix. He looked nothing like a leaf, but when Jen was naming him, she saw a pot with a plant, her first thought was leaf.
“Gosh, where is Ethan?” Her Mom groaned to Liana.
Just as the words left her mouth, Ethan, Jen’s younger brother ran downstairs. “Here Mama.”
The family ate, gulping down the meal and then went upstairs.
“Merry Christmas Eve.” They all wished each other before leaving.
Jen stayed downstairs. She sat on the couch, thinking, and petting Leaf, who was irresistible.”Who za good boy? Yes, you are.”
As she yawned, the crook of her eye caught a person in red and white.
“Who da?-” she started. “Wait a second. No. No wait. That’s not possible-“
Leaf barked. “Shhh.” The man said gently. Then he grabbed a cookie from the dining table, put gifts under the Christmas tree and disappeared up the chimney, before Jen could even register what happened.

The end! Merry Christmas! And yes, I will continue this strange story, for fun!!!

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Broken and Fixed inside

Heylo! Sup. For today’s post, a poem.
Ok ok. Let’s begin already. So I know I’ve written two other poems that begin with “The creature rose from…” but yes. This one can add to the list. Friendship & Reddish-Orange Flash are the other two. Also like the others, I’m not telling you what the creature is, read till the end to find out! Anyway, enjoy! Also yes I acknowledge the poem is weird and random, deal with it!

The creature rose from the depths of darkness,
Most people thought of it as a vicious brutal beast,
They thought of it as no less than a crazy mess.
In their minds all the good thoughts ceased.

But there was more to the creature than fire and flame,
The creature sat and moped all alone in the rain.
There was more to it than violence and mean names.
There was loneliness and a deep deep pain.

The creature had been so lonely infact it was all alone,
It wandered everywhere looking for one of its own kind.
In sadness it took flight but all hope wasn’t gone.
It took the skies promising a friend it would find.

As it flew through the heavens and clouded skies,
People could see its true beauty and grace,
That was always there, just hidden inside,
It had been covered by sadness, bottled up in a case.

Now the beauty stood out, crazy and strong,
It was determined to find a friend,
Who could help it through right and wrong,
A friend that would be there till the very end.

As it circled tall mountains and swooped by low seas,
It saw something spectacular,
Something it simply couldn’t believe,
Along the coast by the sea slightly far away,

Stood a creature glowing through the day,
The creature was large and pretty,
Shining in colors blue, golden and grey.
The creature sat by the sea.

The creature was majestic and strong,
It was large, beautiful and very tall.
As they both saw each other with a glance,
Their hearts filled with joy and they roared a loving call.

The two creatures would be together forever,
The creature had found a friend,
Who would never ever leave,
And be there till life’s end.


Leader not Queen

Hello humans. Damn it, we are not doing that again.
Hello everyone. Today I share with you a part of something I was writing with Eva long ago. We stopped writing it, unfortunately. I had written this bit and I quite like it so why not share it?

“We do not have a queen, we trust in one another and care for each other dearly. We don’t have a queen but we do have a leader. Many people wonder how this is different, many do not understand the difference, but it is there. A queen can be greedy, self-indulgent, and may look at herself as higher than others. Our “leader” is wise, strong, and powerful, she leads responsibly, she respects everything others say, she cares for us, and makes sure we all, along with the forest are always ok. She is our protector! People may be destroying the forest, but we will defeat them and heal every tree, every leaf, every blade of grass. We all will find a way to find happiness again, and our leader is strong and powerful, determined and dependent.  So cheer up all of you, stop making our wonderful moor a gloomy, murky shack! ” said the young elf, Alora, putting her expression and feeling into each word. 

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Rain in December?

I know, several people have already made posts about this. Eva, Gelina…
Well I am as well. So deal with it.
Hello people! Rain in December. Pretty strange, eh? Well. I personally love rain. I’m the kind of person who dances in a storm. Heheh.
I’m also the kind of kid who picks up snails and frogs and says hi to random street dogs and cats. Anyway, I thought of what I could do. I was going to write a poem, but the words weren’t coming out right. I thought of taking pictures, but nah, that’s what everyone else did. So I’m writing a short random story-ish thing, I just put myself into it.

Rays of sunlight hit my body as the sun rose into the morning. I woke up with a jerk. It was only 6. I yawned and tried to go back to sleep, but for some reason I didn’t work like that. Once I had woken up, there was no going back to sleep.
I yawned again and got up, opening the curtains in my room. There was a thick mist outside. I couldn’t see anything out of my balcony, just white. I went into the balcony, leaning down. I could barely see a few trees and a car parked outside, but I could. I yawned yet again and went into the living room. “Achoooo. Achoo.” I went sneezing like anything. People kept saying I sneezed like a kitten or a mouse. Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t, who knows?
As I sat down, I heard soft droplets. “Pitter, patter, pitter, patter,” they hit the glass window making small, lovely splashes.
“Rain?” I said, not knowing I had spoken aloud. “In December?” I asked myself, baffled. It never snowed where I lived. It did rain, but not in December!
Out of the corner of my ear I heard a light whimper. I wasn’t surprised by it, it was just my dog. Whenever she was upset she would whine, sad she would whine, in pain she would whine, happy she would also whine.
“Aw. Hey J. Hi! Yeah, I’m awake.” I said as she jumped onto the couch and sat with me. “Yeah J!” I said as she nuzzled my hand begging for pets.
I wondered whether she had been out for her morning walk as yet. I decided that I would take her. As I clipped on her leash, grabbed a poo bag and walked outside, I could feel the gentle rain drops hitting my skin. She could too, but she wasn’t bothered. I went back inside and grabbed a jacket, it was pretty chilly outside. As J played, I danced in the rain, happily.

See how I added rain drops to match the post? Heheh…

Emotions: Series: Anger

Good morning afternoon evening. Time zones. I forgot. Let me try that again.
Good day folks! Today I’m sharing something I stared writing for fun. Very fun. Anyways…I decided to kind of start a series…”The Emotions.”
This was kinda inspired by Moi’s “The Elements.” So I have to give her credit there. And you should totally go check her blog rn. It’s amazing and has the most interesting, funny posts! Tap here for Moi’s blog, Bookish Blunders.

Anger boiled up like a pot of water that had been on the gas way to long. The others could see her jet black hair turn to burning flame. She looked up, frowning, her eyebrows high. She could feel herself burning up like a volcano about to erupt.

“Ah. Not again Anger. Not again.” Anger heard a whisper in the background. She looked around, her hot temper only getting worse. “What is it this time.” Anger hissed.
“Its ok. Its all right. Everything is fine.” The voice then said, now a little louder. But however loud the voice got, it was always soft, soothing and mellow. Like a gentle breeze, or cold water, the voice splashed over Anger’s fiery head and Anger’s hair turned black again. As Anger turned around, she saw calm standing there. Her light skin and green hair dancing in the sunlight. Her grey eyes watched anger, gently.
“I was fine, I could have managed myself.” Anger scoffed, angrily.
“Your welcome.” Calm said laughing.

Anger suddenly felt herself boiling up again, her feelings lurching up into a pot of flame. “Not again.” She murmured to herself, but she couldn’t help it. Her temper was beyond anyone’s control.
“Let me be, calm.” She hissed, spitting on the ground.
“Haha. You think you can scare me? I’ve stopped you from causing trouble and boiling over your own feelings so many times. Too many to count. Either way-” Calm started, now getting annoyed by anger.
“Oh yeah? Have you? I don’t care. Let me be.” Anger growled. The flames and fury had taken her over, she didn’t know herself anymore.

“Everything is ok. It’s alright. All will be FINE!” Calm yelled. Her yelling was still softer than the breeze, that’s just how calm was.
Suddenly angers hair turned to ice. Ice that slowly disappeared, showing a messy jet black mop.
“Did I do it again?” Anger asked.
“Mhm.” Calm answered, nodding a gazillion times.
“Well. Thanks Calm.” Anger murmured, ashamed.