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12th Birthday

I turned 12 yesterday. After lots of not knowing what to do I finally decided to go to a petting farm+horse trail at a place I had gone to camp for before. I went with a couple of friends.
It was amazing. We went for the morning slot, so they served breakfast which was waffles, sandwiches and idli sambaar.
Then we were given buckets with leafy vegetables, carrots and bread crumbs. We were told which animals to give what and started.
My Mom took pictures of some of the animals and though there are only a few and they aren’t the best I am going to share them with you and tell you about the animals.

In the rabbit enclosure with these beautiful creatures.
Some climbed onto our laps while eating. Others did not.
Lovely birds. There were Cockatoos, Sunbirds, African greys and even a Greater sulphur crested Cockatoo called Kenzing. And guess what? Kenzing did backflips!
We even passed some of the horse stables and I think the horses were one of my favorite. They were strong beautiful and each with their own personality.
There were two pigs, Peppa and George. Hilariously named after every young kids favorite cartoon.
Then there were turtles. They had their own little pond, though they had to share it with guppy fish. Some turtles were basking in the sun while others swam.
There were geese which we were to give bread crumbs to by hand. They were all squawking around and there were even two little chicks.
Then another one of my favorites. Guinea pigs! They didn’t come under my favorites because they were small and cute. It was because they were paying attention to the humans unlike the rabbits who only wanted food.
They were lovely creatures, each different. Some had only black, some had black and brown, some were just brown some just white. There were even some younger ones, though we didn’t get to hold or feed them since they were small and stomachs wouldn’t have been digesting solid food as yet.
I loved how each of them had they’re own individual patterns and personalities. Some were more curios and were climbing around us, some sat still, some just wanted food.
Finally the riding trail. Sorry about the blurred picture, I had to crop myself out and zoom in. All the horses were beautiful, I rode QuickSilver, who is the one in this picture. He was a thoroughbred, dappled grey in color.
I was quite bummed not to have ridden Mia, who is this beautiful horse here. She is the one I rode in camp and I think we formed a bit of a bond between those 7 rides. I love how she has striped hair naturally. If you saw the entire pic of her, she is actually brown with white spots. She is a Gypsy Vanner by breed and the sweetest soul by heart. While riding Quicksilver, I was busy staring at her since she was right in front of me.
And finally, before leaving we cut this beautiful cake. Then my friends put some on my face-
And some got in my hair-

Which of my poems do you like?

Hey guys, I have a big question.
I am entering a poetry contest and you are allowed to give up to 10 entries.
Along with writing something new I am going to look at old poems, work on them a little and then submit them.
So I ask you guys: Which of my poems do you think are among the best?
I also looked through my poems and I realized they aren’t thaaat good. But yeah.
Please, please, please name a few poems you really thought were good in the comments. And thanks!

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Janu’s afternoon in haikus

Hey! I don’t have a good reason for my posts being here and there and sometimes non existent but yeah. I post when I write and I guess I haven’t been writing too often lately cause I am out of ideas. Do give me ideas or prompts in the comments if you have any.
And without further ado- Janu’s afternoon in haikus(from her perspective)
If you haven’t read the other posts of Janu’s haikus-
Janu writes haikus
Janu’s morning haikus.

I swear I will bite,
Stop petting me you human,
I’m trying to sleep.

She won’t go away,
She won’t stop kissing my head,

Thank god she is gone,
But my belly is itching.
Ugh. Where did she go!

Please? Please come back here,
I want belly rubs right now!
Why won’t she listen.

Wait what’s that I hear,
Is that sound a pidgeon?
Shoo! Dirty rascal!

Hmm maybe if I
carefully sneak up on it,
I could catch it quick.

Must use my cat skills,
And stalk it without a noise,
Shit! It flew away.

Who is that barking,
I can hear them loud and clear,
Must bark back at them.

It sounds like Imli Rani,
She is my bestie, I’m hers.
Must stare at her now.

I really need to pee.
Where is that stinky human?
She must take me down.

I will whine and whine,
Until she takes me outside.
Fine, I’ll hold it in.

Do I smell a treat?
Let’s go investigate this.
“Sit.” says the human.

“I am sitting down,”
“Now just give me the damn treat.”
I mutter, hungrily.

She gives me the treat.
I take it in, to my bed,
Then I munch in peace.

I am sleepy now,
I will take a quick, short nap.
First get comfortable.

Hm. Yawn, good morning.
Short nap became kind of long.
Slept for three hours straight.



Hey people, I know this isn’t NEAR my best poem. And I know I haven’t posted in a very LONG time. And I am sorry. I will be back to posting too much soon, but like I said I have exams going on. Anyway here is a small poem…

A spirit dancing through the sky
With a pureness in her heart
And a gentle stare in her crystal eyes
As she sings to herself
About the world outside
And about the world within
Her hair flying in the wind
Black waves of beauty
Her wings full of ash,
Just a little bit sooty,
White with hints of grey,
But shining through the cold day,
A spirit with pure heart,
One who’s kind to all,
An angel,
One who’s yet to fall.

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Give me poetry/writing prompts

Hey people! So I was thinking about what else I could write about, I tried a few topics but I really wasn’t feeling any of them, ya know?
So I was hoping you guys could give me some prompts! Just put them in the comments and I will try to do most of them! Thanks!
Try to keep them as unique as possible!

Anyway I know this is a short post but lettuce end here.

Lettuce: Za I am za lettuce! And I muzt say itz been long since you called me to start or end a post!

Um I meant let us?

Lettuce: nO you said lettuce. And you haven’t called me in so long.

Fine! Just end the post already!

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Now, I do not like BTS. I am sorry all the BTS fans out there. I think it is overrated. And I do not HATE it or anything, but I don’t like it. But hey? That’s just my opinion. Anyway, earlier Aarya Mali came over and told me she liked my poetry, then she asked if I could make a poem for her. So of course I said yes. She wanted a poem for J-Hope for his birthday….so here it is-

He is everybody’s J-Hope when on the stage,
But when off-stage Jung Hoseok is his real name,
A lovely, kind and strong person, 27 years in age,
His voice lovely, singing like a raging flame,

A voice full of beauty, a voice strong,
A voice that everyone listens to all the time,
And nobody can tell that voice they are wrong,
A voice that always sings to the flow and with the rhyme,

He is the sunshine to his each and every army,
He is like sunlight, rays of hope and light,
His voice always beautifully singing with glee,
But for all he got in life he had to fight,

He didn’t get everything easily,
He struggled while people criticized him,
None of them realized his talent and ability,
It was shocking, dreadful and grim,

But slowly he went up in ranks,
People began to hear him, to hear how he sang,
The world realized his talent, to that thanks,
For now he sings everywhere, him and his gang,

No matter what he is going through,
On his face you will see a gigantic smile,
He keeps that smile wide, for each one of you,
We all love listening to his voice and looking at his styles,

He is the heart of BTS,
Always spreading love hope and glee,
And he always looks out for others before himself,
Could a person even be so kind, loving and happy?

To all the members in BTS, he is like an older brother,
He cares for them and gives them endless hugs,
He is more loving and more kind than any other,
He is always smiling and makes sure nobody is ever smug,

A voice deep, soulful and warm, it makes you immediately fill with happiness,
And the dance moves that he has are stylish and striking with a spirit of glee,
A person who loves their band, their family, their fans, yes,
One of the most amazing people the world has seen!

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Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Val-
Happy Galentines-
Well happy Valentine’s day!

Being me, looking at all the options, I still decided to go for a poem. Cause that’s what I do. Poems. I think. I do poems right? Yes. I do poems.

A day of love and glee,
Of smiles and emotions free,
Yet a day salty tear-filled eyes,
After being rejected by a guy,
A mysterious day indeed,
Known as Valentines.
All mushy and messy,
Everywhere the emotion flees,
Of happiness and smiles,
Of tears from rejection,
Of loneliness and envy,
All the emotions free.