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Janu’s afternoon in haikus

Hey! I don’t have a good reason for my posts being here and there and sometimes non existent but yeah. I post when I write and I guess I haven’t been writing too often lately cause I am out of ideas. Do give me ideas or prompts in the comments if you have any.
And without further ado- Janu’s afternoon in haikus(from her perspective)
If you haven’t read the other posts of Janu’s haikus-
Janu writes haikus
Janu’s morning haikus.

I swear I will bite,
Stop petting me you human,
I’m trying to sleep.

She won’t go away,
She won’t stop kissing my head,

Thank god she is gone,
But my belly is itching.
Ugh. Where did she go!

Please? Please come back here,
I want belly rubs right now!
Why won’t she listen.

Wait what’s that I hear,
Is that sound a pidgeon?
Shoo! Dirty rascal!

Hmm maybe if I
carefully sneak up on it,
I could catch it quick.

Must use my cat skills,
And stalk it without a noise,
Shit! It flew away.

Who is that barking,
I can hear them loud and clear,
Must bark back at them.

It sounds like Imli Rani,
She is my bestie, I’m hers.
Must stare at her now.

I really need to pee.
Where is that stinky human?
She must take me down.

I will whine and whine,
Until she takes me outside.
Fine, I’ll hold it in.

Do I smell a treat?
Let’s go investigate this.
“Sit.” says the human.

“I am sitting down,”
“Now just give me the damn treat.”
I mutter, hungrily.

She gives me the treat.
I take it in, to my bed,
Then I munch in peace.

I am sleepy now,
I will take a quick, short nap.
First get comfortable.

Hm. Yawn, good morning.
Short nap became kind of long.
Slept for three hours straight.

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Happy Birthday My Everything(Aka Janu)

Guess who’s birthday it was yesterday? Janus! I would have posted yesterday but I was busy smothering her in petting and treats.
We celebrated on sunday…we got her a new toy and some tasty treats(bacon and roast chicken flavour) went up the hill for a walk with her doggo bestfriend Imli, then I baked a chicken carrot cake for her and Imli and then finally we invited her favourite people including Imli and her family for dinner. She had a great time!

I don’t know what to say, Janu is my everything.

This is Janu when I first saw her. She was all scared and curled up in a ball under the sofa. At that point she wasn’t even mine! She was a friends dog who I would visit everyday. The first day I met her, she came and curled up on my lap and took a nap while I removed fleas from her street dog fur. Soon I became a regular visitor to her house and would go for half an hour each day.

She would visit us too. She took too chewing the carpet right away. Infact she still does when nobody is watching. Pretty soon Janu’s Sunday Visit became a weekly thing and she would come over for around an hour.

Then that lil pupper grew into this four month old toddler with wide eyes and a long snout. I had gotten toys and treats for her before she was mine, for her visits. Then unfortunately her owners could not take care of her as she was a lot of work and they also had two cats and neighbors were complaining. Everyone told me she was leaving to go to their farm. Little did I know, they had also asked my parents whether we would take her and my parents had said yes. I cried with sadness when I heard she was leaving to the farm which was quite far and with happiness when I realized she was mine.

Soon after she came to our house she claimed the beanbag. She is a very anxious and jumpy dog but really so so so sweet when you get to know her even though she might take half an hour to warm up to you.

She really really loves to run. The thrill of chase. You run in front of her and you are getting chased. Sometimes she “playfully” nips at the ankles of who she is chasing. When she runs, she runs. She is a real runner faster than all her doggo friends including all the strays.

Imli Rani, Janu’s BFF who Janu cannot live without. They have been playing since they were fat lil munchkins. As Imli’s owner would say- Its a legendary bond.

Too the most adorable, goofy, crazy, loving, caring, beautiful-
And if I go on I will be here for ever.
Too the most adorable, goofy, crazy, loving, caring and beautiful dog I know.

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Janu’s morning in haikus

Hey peeps! So once before Janu has written haikus(well- well- I mean yeah I wrote them as her but shush it…), and I quite liked them. If you haven’t read that then TAP HERE. Anyways, lets begin with todays haikus, which will have how Janu’s morning goes around. Also btw I will be doing her afternoon+evening and night as well so keep an eye out!

Are they still asleep?
It is four in the morning!
Fat, lazy humans.

Finally a noise,
She is going to the loo,
Yay she is awake.

She gives me petting,
She is going back to bed,
Will get on the bed.

I must lick nonstop,
Maybe if I do some whines,
She will take me down.

She is awake now
I must be all cutie-pie,
So she takes me out.

One second is that?
My leash! Lets go walking now!
Forgot the poo bag.

Come on lets go now!
Finally we are going!
Can’t wait to play!

We are at the park,
Imli Rani is here too!
She is my bestie.

We are both ofleash,
We will nibble, play, run, race,
And chew grass.

I will chew her ears,
We will speed around the sand,
I am way faster.

Look Ginger is here,
Though he is the alpha male,
He’s a goofy pup.

He always joins us,
Me and Imli are his girls,
He gets protective.

We race in the sand,
They try to catch up with me but,
I am the fastest.

Imli loves to dig,
She begins digging the sand,
So elegently.

I try to as well,
Not as graceful and pretty,
Yet I make a hole.

I poop on the grass,
Imli poops in the dry leaves,
I pee on her poo.

We both munch on grass,
The humans jokingly say,
That we are part goat.

Honestly they know,
The grass is for the stomach,
If it hurts or cramps.

Some more ear biting,
Some leg chewing, tail pulling,
And then the walk ends.

They try to catch us,
Put the leashes back on us,
And then we go up.

Now the girl feeds me,
Hope it is chicken and rice,
Alas it’s kibble.

Wait one second is that?
Bacon oil on top of it?
Yum yum yum yum yum!

I want to sleep now,
I am tired after playing,
For nearly two hours.

sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep.
SLEEP sleep SLEEP sleep SLEEP!

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Thrill Of Chasing Cats

Hello. Hello. Hello. Whoops, why’d I say that three times. Nobody knows. Anyway, poem. Dog chase cat. The thrill of chase. Woof. I think it turned out well, tell me your thoughts in the comments. Lets goooo!-

A grin on the dogs little fluffy face,
It’s brain dancing with the thrill of chase,
A furry ball of licks and glee,
Slowly walked like the tides of the sea,
It elegantly moved in a stalk,
On the cat it’s eyes were locked,
But the cat saw it and it leaped away,
Through the sunlight of the day,
The dog followed in a leap,
Towards the cat it began to creep,
But the cat had tricks of it’s own,
As it leaped onto a wall without a groan,
The dog whined and jumped and tried,
The cat sat on the top with pride,
Then to the other side the cat went,
The dog went all around using it’s scent,
As it feasted it’s eyes upon the cat,
The cat just gently sat,
And as the dog began to near it,
The cat growled in a hissing spit,
But regardless of the warning,
It walked on as the sun shone in the morning,
It neared closer with it’s tongue out,
And the cat attacked without a doubt,
Razor claws against the cheek,
The dog carefully took a peek,
As the cat scuttered out of sight,
The dog chased, without fright.

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Mwuhahaha. Here is another poem where you must patiently wait till end to discover a hidden truth about the poem! Anyways here we go-
Also sorry for the lack of posts. School, not much time, no ideas and stuff.
Hope you enjoy! Share your thoughts in the comments!

Gently holding each others hands,
Closing eyes as they walk through the lands,
As they swim through life as they swim through seas,
Full of happiness and love so free,
Always out in the nature, always a new adventure,
With souls good and hearts pure,
Learning things they never knew, learning new things,
Smiling through the troubles life brings,
Eating food, delicious, mouthwatering, tasty,
Crawling through the troubles whatever they might be,
Sometimes hitting a rocky road,
With anger both explode,
Sometimes getting into a struggle or fight,
But from the dark it always goes back to the light,
Dog and owner together they walk,
Past each building filled block,
Through each garden with flowers and plants full,
On the leash the dog tries not to pull,
Through each meal, each hill climb,
Dog and owner, soulmates, till end of time.

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All Those Strays

Hey guys. . Today’s poem is something random. Oof, I think I’ve jumped into the ‘#SaveTheStrays’ mood again. Welp here goes-

550+ Street Dog Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash

Firstly I must say with all my heart,
That humans have no right to sell a dog,
Cause dogs aren’t just a piece of art,
That dog has a personality and a life,
If you just want it to gain cash of off them,
Then you do not deserve,
The love of that dog,
Yet that dog will love you unconditionally,
And however bitter you are,
Will come wagging their little butts,
With licks. Dogs are the best company byfar,
Yet people treat them like trash,
Dumping them on the streets,
All those voiceless little puppies,
That try to speak,
With whining howls and cries,
They yelp and scream,
Yet nobody seems to understand,
What they mean,
All those idiotic humans,
That treat dogs like crap,
Like stained clothes with holes on them,
Just dump them anyplace on the map,
Throw them in the trash,
Leave them on the roads,
And I must add,
Yes, some dogs like the street,
Better than being locked inside,
But those dogs are treated like shit,
By other humans,
Beaten, wacked, shooed away,
Just listen to what I have to say,
Dogs are people just like us,
They have feelings, they have emotion,
Yet people treat them,
Like they should be dumped in the ocean,
And the people who do things like this,
Or even just feel that way
Should not name others,
For some are out there,
Rescuing. Fostering. Adopting.
Saving lives.
Helping the poor creatures,
Helping them regain they’re normal selves,
With their sharp ears, fluffy tails,
And all their other majestic features!

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My Life With Janu

Janu has grown. She is now 11 months! On March 7th, she turns a year old(I will definitely have a post)! She is doing amazing! Here I have some pictures of her, which I took, Some of them are honestly stunning! Anyway-

Gib my nose a boop?
See, I is a confusion ok!
I HAB A TOY, Ladida.
Whine Whine.
Ok so Janu Legit did this to me, her ball went under the TV stand and she whined, then when I got it out she dropped the ball under again! Over and over🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
And last but not least…her catching the ball mid air. Btw, she also learned how to catch a frisbee, super cool, right?

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Janu Writes Haikus

Oh come on! I know dogs don’t write haikus. Well this one does.
Fine. Let me rephrase that…Owners write haikus as the dog?

Welp. No intro. Haikus as Janu.

Food Food Food Food Food
Food Food Food Food Food Food Food
Food Food Food Food Food

I will keep you safe,
My sharp and loud bark will save
You from the mailman.

I will make some poop,
Such pretty, distinguished art,
You save it in bags.

Ding! The doorbell rang,
I will shoo them far away,
Bark Woof Bark Bark Woof!

You eating chicken?
Soulful, starving puppy eyes,
Please gib me a bite?

I want to go play,
You will think I need to pee,
If I sit and whine.

Are you in a class?
Let me put my nose in your face,
And lick your knee.

You reading a book?
I will annoy you a lot,
Lick, lick, drool, bark, whine.

Ah yes, that petting!
Ah! Both hands, itching my ears,
Now belly rubs please.

I hear my own leash,
We going for a walk now?
Lets do happy spins!

Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees
Other Dogs Other Dogs Other Dogs, woof,
Run free Run free Run

We are back at home,
Is that my food bowl I hear?
Lets eat all the food!

Ran around so much,
I am exhausted, must sleep,

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Rain in December?

I know, several people have already made posts about this. Eva, Gelina…
Well I am as well. So deal with it.
Hello people! Rain in December. Pretty strange, eh? Well. I personally love rain. I’m the kind of person who dances in a storm. Heheh.
I’m also the kind of kid who picks up snails and frogs and says hi to random street dogs and cats. Anyway, I thought of what I could do. I was going to write a poem, but the words weren’t coming out right. I thought of taking pictures, but nah, that’s what everyone else did. So I’m writing a short random story-ish thing, I just put myself into it.

Rays of sunlight hit my body as the sun rose into the morning. I woke up with a jerk. It was only 6. I yawned and tried to go back to sleep, but for some reason I didn’t work like that. Once I had woken up, there was no going back to sleep.
I yawned again and got up, opening the curtains in my room. There was a thick mist outside. I couldn’t see anything out of my balcony, just white. I went into the balcony, leaning down. I could barely see a few trees and a car parked outside, but I could. I yawned yet again and went into the living room. “Achoooo. Achoo.” I went sneezing like anything. People kept saying I sneezed like a kitten or a mouse. Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t, who knows?
As I sat down, I heard soft droplets. “Pitter, patter, pitter, patter,” they hit the glass window making small, lovely splashes.
“Rain?” I said, not knowing I had spoken aloud. “In December?” I asked myself, baffled. It never snowed where I lived. It did rain, but not in December!
Out of the corner of my ear I heard a light whimper. I wasn’t surprised by it, it was just my dog. Whenever she was upset she would whine, sad she would whine, in pain she would whine, happy she would also whine.
“Aw. Hey J. Hi! Yeah, I’m awake.” I said as she jumped onto the couch and sat with me. “Yeah J!” I said as she nuzzled my hand begging for pets.
I wondered whether she had been out for her morning walk as yet. I decided that I would take her. As I clipped on her leash, grabbed a poo bag and walked outside, I could feel the gentle rain drops hitting my skin. She could too, but she wasn’t bothered. I went back inside and grabbed a jacket, it was pretty chilly outside. As J played, I danced in the rain, happily.

See how I added rain drops to match the post? Heheh…
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Prepare To Die From Cuteness: Doggos

Hello all. As you can see from the title, in this post, you shall be dying from cuteness. Pictures of Janu, four pups who are in IISER and Mouse’s pups! Remember the poem I wrote about hungry strays, well I explained about mousey and all and said I might share pictures, I didn’t see all of them but I met two of them so Ima share those pictures.


Being sleepy and wanting unlimited pets.
Janu and her big nose.
Janu being a goofy happy dog who cannot control her happiness.
Janu and Jack. She destroyed him. Removed his legs and horn and bit a hole through his face.

Now moving away from Janu, the four puppies!

Them a month or two ago
Them now
Them deciding to climb over me

The white one in front is Luna. The black one with white paws is Socks. The black one without white paws is Cola. And the fourth remaining one is, Four!

Now we finally come too…Mouse and her pups(they are full grown now)! I only met Socks and Brave. The others were off in the field and Mouse was with them, so here is Socks and here is brave.

The two of them, the one in front with lil white paws is socks and the one at the back with a pretty black snout is brave.
Here is how close brave comes to me, he has even allowed me to pet him once.

And done! See you next post!!!