Becky’s Springtime Photography Contest

Heya guys! I was looking at my reader when I saw Maggie’s post for this contest. I immediately thought of a photo of Janu with yellow flowers in her collar.
Becky(Rebekah) made this contest for her 100 followers celebration, so congrats to her on reaching a 100!


  1. Choose one photo that you took in 2022 that makes you think of spring! (animals, nature, flowers, etc.)
  2. Make sure the photo is appropriate. Any photos that I don’t think align with this, I won’t include in the final judging and post
  3. Write a blog post including the photo you chose, and the rules, as well as a link to this original post
  4. Tag it ‘beckysphotographycontest’ so I can see all of your posts
  5. Comment on the original post when you’ve published your blog post, so I can see it
  6. The deadline is May 20th
  7. The photos will be judged and I’ll announce the winners on May 31st
  8. All of the photos that were entered will be included in the post, along with links to everyone’s blogs who have participated

The photo…

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Haiku Tag!

Omg! This is one of the best tags I’ve come across recently! And it was created by the one and only…Eva…who is also my cousin. She is also the person who tagged me!
Anyway enough of that! Lets get on with this amazing tag!


  1. Tag Eva @album of amazing.
  2. Mention the person who tags you.
  3. Add the rules to your post.
  4. Pick 2 topics to write 2 Haikus.
  5. Tag alteast 5 people.
  6. HAVE FUN!❤❤


  1. Dogs.
  2. Fire.
  3. Sea.
  4. Nature.
  5. Music.

Ok lets go-
(we are supposed to do 2, but Ima do all)

Fluffy balls of love,
Licking and bouncing around,
Any mans best friend.

Raging, livid flame,
Red, orange and amaranth,
Fierce, Savage and wild.

The sea and her tides,
A mellow, melting, sky blue,
Tinting the cloudy skies.

Green, lush and pretty,
Growing happy, wild and free,
Nature, life and glee.

Gentle notes beating,
Mellow voices full of joy,
Catchy soulful tunes.

And done! They all turned out amazing, and I will post them all separately as well. Idk why! Anyway, now for nominating people!




















And YOU!

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December-Vibes-Poetry Contest

Ah. Hey! So I was nominated for this by Khushi and Kunjal aka the Duo Disseminators who are also the creators. Either way, I looked at this and I immediately knew it would be fun. So it said there can be up to two entries so I am making two cause there are so many diff things about December, so many diff ways to look at it. Cold and sad, happy and cheerful, so many. Also mysterious, but I couldn’t portray that in a poem, even though I tried.


  •  Design a post of your own and link back to the original post to notify the creator. Unnotified posts will not be judged.
  • Paste the rules of this contest on your post if you have a blog. If not, contact us at with your entry!
  • Tag this post as December- Vibes- Poetry
  • Last date of submission is 10 January.
  • Word limit ranges to 200 words.
  • Add the logo of this post that is:
  • Inappropriate content shall be disqualified
  • You can send no more than 2 entries.
  •  Nominate at least 5 people to participate in this contest.
  • Thee last date for submission is *** 

One: Warmth Of Love

Cold air dances and leaps around,
Snowflakes place themselves on the ground,
Smiles fill the air with joy and glee,
The warmth of love swims free,
The cold whispers and so does the frost,
But within the smiles, it’s lost.
Trees, green and happy, fill the whole place,
The greenery dancing around with grace,
Happiness leaps about, hiding everywhere,
The scent of cinnamon and ginger filling the air.
The cold shivers, colder than ever,
People cough and catch sickly fevers.
But the cold melts away by the warmth of love,
As happiness dances around like a wild dove.
And however cold it might be,
The smiles murder the frost as they dance free!

Two: What do you see?

An icy cold, gloomy and forlorn night,
That lacks happiness and light.
Or a shining and glamourous morning,
Where the joy creeps up without warning?
What is December to you?
Is it a yellow glee or a sadness, blue?
Does the cold creep up sneakily,
Are your eyes droopy and tears a sea?
Or are you dancing in the Christmas lights,
Having parties and enjoying the nights?
Is December full of happiness, love and glee?
Or is it full of sadness and curse that nobody sees?
It all matters on how you look at it,
Do you see the starry lights, how the place is lit,
Or do you see the cold gloominess there might be?
The only thing that matters, is what you see!

That’s all! I changed my mind on not putting what do you see for the contest, lol! Anyways. Nominations…


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Know your buddy tag! ft. Ira

Sup! As you can see from the title, I’m doing the know your buddy tag, with none other than…(drumroll)(extra drumroll)…Ira!
So without further ado, lets begin!
I was nominated for this by Gelina, thank you so much!

Introducing … The ‘KNOW YOUR BUDDY’ TAG!!! - featured image


  • Tag the original creators of this tag – Tallblondetales and Proxywords – and tag the original posts from each of their blogs. If you do, you’ll be eligible for the roundup post and grand ‘Know Your Buddy’ tag winner! If not, you can still take part in the tag you just won’t be a contender for the overall winner. 
  • Thank the bloggers who nominated you (and your buddy), share the badge and rules in your post. 
  • Pick a blogger with whom you’d like to do this tag with, answer the questions together, and share each other’s answers on both the blogs.
  • Nominate 10 new Bloggers and keep spreading the love.
  • Notify the bloggers (tell them you nominated them) by commenting on one of their posts.
  • For the original posts tap Here and Here

Ok so these are Ira’s answers and mine are on her blog, so if you want to see what I thought you should go check Ira’s blog!

1. What is your favorite blog post of mine and why?
All of your posts are amazing! I love all your poems. But if I would have to pick just one post it would probably be a poem or the Murder at Granny’s series. I love murder mysteries so the post is perfect.

Aw thank you so much! I know you like murder mysteries! Glad you liked that series…and it’s not yet over…planning on writing one more draft for it pretty soon!

2. What would you like to be known for – your name or your Blog name?
I think I’d like to be known for my name because it’s unique. And a blog can be deleted any time but a name is usually remembered for a longer time.

Aah agreed! Your name is unique and beautiful. Ira.
I mean it totally isn’t like I have a girl in my class named Ira heheh.

3. If you had to swap niches, which niche would you change to?
I seriously have no idea haha!

Mhm, I have no idea either!

4. What is the weirdest comment you have ever gotten about your blog?

Random girl- sends Ira a weird comment.
Ira stabs her in the stomach, until her intestines come out out.
All the other people there are- Alert! Spread the message- Do not send Ira weird comments, I repeat!

Ok cool!

5. Do you think cereal is soup? why or why not? 

Well, agreed, agreed, agreed.
Wait did you just say cereal is cereal? No, cereal is a alien object that sprouts life and kills people and-
Oof! Ok fine I agree, cereal is cereal, soup is soup!

6. If you had a controller that has the power to rewind or fast forward, which one would you press on WordPress?
Fast forwardddddd! Just want to see how popular I am 😂

Hmm. You won’t will be popular, trust me. *Smiles*

7. Your blog is chosen to sponsor a charity. If funds were not an issue, which charity or issue would your blog choose to support?
Probably an orphanage or one for lost animals.

Omg I love that! The lost animal part especially. Honestly, that would be my answer toooo!

8. If you two were to be buddy characters in a movie, which characters would you be and why?
This is hard bahaha but I think Elsa and Anna frozen? Since I’m older I’d be Elsa, I’m sorry for doing whatever I did to your heart 😭

Awwww ya! We are literally close like sistas so yeeeep!

9. Which is the most boring part of posting blog posts for you, or what part of posting a blog is the laziest according to you?
Editing and make sure stuff is perfect.

Yep, same!

10. What are the unwritten rules of your blog?
Nope, not happening, no rules.


11. If you could transform into any animal, what would it be and why?
A bunny. Idk why, they are cute!!!


12. If your blog had a superpower/magical element, what would it be?
Something to post faster.


13. What reminds you of me?

So short, specific, but yet true.

14. If you were given the power to exchange Blogs for a day, which thing will change or adapt first?
Let’s seeeeeeee, probably add more pages if needed and all the basic things.

Nice, simple.

15. What new username would you give to my Blog?
I wouldn’t change it cause it was inspired by me!


And we are done! Please go check out my answers on Ira’s blog!

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The Blogger Recommendations Tag

Oh come on! I can’t not do this. How Nehal, how? HOW do you always create such fun to do tags! Ah!
Hello peeps. Soooo today here we have a tag-
Oh gosh, fine, skip all that, get to the main parts.
I was tagged by Riddhi@WhisperingStories. She honestly has three FANTASTIC blogs! Apart from Whispering Stories, the other two are, Poems and Poises and Human Book Club.


  1. Thank and link back to the person who tagged you.
  2. Mention the creator of the tag: Nehal @ Quirky Pages.
  3. List the rules.
  4. Share one or more bloggers you think fits into each criteria.
  5. The people you mention will be considered tagged.
  6. Apart from the ones you shared, you can tag other bloggers and notify them.
  7. Just have fun!!

A fascinating blog theme:
Avu’s Dreams– Honestly, Avu’s blog is organized in an amazing way! Her blog is amazing, she writes amazing poems and stories and has lots of other posts as well!

A lovely home page
Me. My home page is lovely. I think.
Territory Of The Blueberry– Ok honestly, Blue’s blog is one of my favourite blogs! I’m actually pretty sure her name will come yet again, either way her blog is absolutely amazing! And there are so many amazing things about it, one of them is how well her home page is designed.
Rayna’s Realm– Also an absolutely amazing blog! All her posts are fun to read and I love her poems! Fun fact: She has been blogging since she was 6!
Either way, her home page is also realllly pretty!

Great Book Reviews
The Shamelessly Bookstruck– Ok she doesn’t do tooo many book reviews, but she does have book reviews and I enjoy reading her book reviews so yep!!! She has a great blog!
Ok honestly, I don’t know many other blogs with book reviews, I mean I’m sure I do, but I have to dig through all the blogs n all so Ima stop at one here.

Amazing humor
Oh dogness godness.
There are a lot to list out here. For one, ME! I think-
Territory Of The Blueberry– Ha! Told you blue’d come again! I’ve already said what an amazing blog she has, so Ima just add, that she is also one of the most hilarious bloggers I’ve met.
Lili’s Not So Secret Diary– Aw now Lili’s blog is honestly amazing and lili always has humor hidden around!
Bookish Blunders– Moi. Moi is just hilarious. Her blog is amazing and her writings are FANTASTIC! I’ve run out of things to say haven’t I. What? I can’t say nice things all day long!
Celestial– Ah PBS. Amazing blogger! Amazing. She is rlly funny, her posts are amazing, her writing is fantastic. But mostly cause this is amazing humor, she is funny.

Mind-blowing poems and stories
Isn’t this me? Come on this is me! Ah! K fine.
Poems and Poises– Great blog with amazing poetry and writing.
Rainy thoughts– Amazing blog, amazing poetry, amazing!!!
Bookish Blunders– Can’t not put her on the list. Her writing is honestly just-
There are no words. No words at all for how amazing it is.
The Tomboy Diaries– Amazing blog! Amazing writing! FANTASTIC!
Jan– AMAZING writing, her poems are always amazing and always, always, always cheery.
Anthology of Akshita’s thoughts– Akshita writes great and is a really nice blogger!
Avu’s Dreams– Avu is an amazing blogger and all her posts are amazing but I really really enjoy reading her stories in particular!

The friendliest-
Khushi and Kunjal.

The most Consistent
The Album Of Amazing– Amazing blogger, actually my cousin! Her blog is pretty new compared to mine and it is amazing, she writes, she takes photography and also has random crazy and creative posts!

The best at sharing tips

The talented artist
Ima just skip this. If I know you and you are a talented artist blogger then sorry-

Cool Site Name
Ash radiance.
Territory of the blueberry.

The underrated
Now, to the people I put in this category, don’t take it badly! I’m just saying that your blogs are honestly amazing and that I think you deserve more than you already have!
Sosooorna’s Boring Blog
Album of amazing.

Finally done! More craziness for next time. Be sure to check out all these wonderful blogs! If I didn’t have you somewhere, it doesn’t mean I don’t love your blog as wellll!


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Something To Save

Hey people! Here is a poem I wrote! Tis about Earth and her beauties and how we are harming her. #SaveEarth?
Anyway! I hope you enjoy reading this! I think it is pretty good!
I gave this in for Naomi’s Something To Save Contest, for fun. Tap here to see the post.
And right now the voting is going on, so if you want to vote- Tap here to see the voting post. The other entries were also pretty good.

Earth is a beautiful place,
It’s one of the planets in space,
Its the best place there could be,
It’s lovely from land to sea.

On the land animals wander,
And people walk and ponder,
From the tallest mountains
To the lowest plains,
Earth is the prettiest place,
A nature filled maze!

In the sea fish dive and leap,
They swim in the deep,
In the depths of the sea,
Coral lies hidden, so pretty!

Dolphins dive in and out,
Whales spurt water from their spout!
Oh Earth is honestly the best,
Our little home, our nest!

But Mother Earth is dying to this day,
She is slowly floating away.

For people like you and me,
Whoever we might be,
Pollute the Earth.

The place of out birth.

Yet, she isn’t gone yet,
Right now, her dying is only a threat.

If we don’t make a change,
Bad things could happen at a great range.
We can save her by doing the simplest things,
To her, life they shall bring!

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Short Story Contest

Hello hello hello peeps! Gelina made this contest and it sounded fun! So here I am doing it. I’m not really doing it so I win or bla bla bla…more like just to get a good fun story out of it!!! Oh and btw…for Gelina…I come in the 11-17 category.
So I have been writing something similar to this, which I have not shared on my blog yet, cause I plan to work on it more instead of sharing it as first draft, I wrote this slightly similar to that, with just switching up some stuff and then I added a part from one of the random parts of stories I have shared before and changed it a little!
Ooo and btw. I have 46 followers through WordPress and 3 through mail…close to 50! I can’t wait for 50. Thanks a lot too all the people who follow me :)…I appreciate it!

Adara stared into the pitch black sky. It was a new moon and nothing could be seen, except darkness. Adara looked into the sky, as if hoping for the moon to appear, but it didn’t. Life didn’t always work like that, in fact it never worked like that. She sighed. She closed her eyes and began to focus. She sat calmly, her mind blank. As she sat, a pendant her mom had given her, that sat hanging on her neck, started to gently float into the air. It glowed, then faded, then glowed, then faded, then abruptly stopped.
Adara felt a nudge on her chest as she opened her eyes. It was her dog, Mudd, a little Indian Pariah pup.
“Mudd. You know what this means. We only had till this new moon. Now-” she couldn’t say it. She couldn’t face the truth. “It’s to early Mudd. Way to early.”
Mudd gave a gentle whine and nuzzled Adara’s chest. The two sat in the darkness.
As the night gently reached morning, the sky rejoiced in the sunlight. The sunlight painted the sky in color, orange, purple, pink, yellow and-
“No. No. No!” Adara yelled.
Mudd licked her arm.
“No Mudd, not now. Licks won’t help. This has even more meaning than the new moon. We are running out of time. The world is running out of time. If we don’t do something now then-“
She didn’t say it, she still couldn’t. Sometimes the truth was horrifying.
She hugged Mudd, as they sat watching the sunset.
“We will stop it Mudd, we will.”


The world had been devoured in darkness. The air smelt of smoke, of fire and of blood. Creatures covered the lands, spreading misery everywhere they went. It was silent, apart from clanking metal and bloodcurdling screams.
I sat down on the ground a scar bleeding across my face. I cried. It was the end of the world, there was nothing that could save us now. I had fought my best. I fingered the chain that sat on my neck. It was the same beautiful pendant.
“Mudd?” I asked. I got a nudge as a reply.
I looked up a final time, the last.
“Mudd this is it.” I whispered.
But then I saw something. My eyes opened wide, I couldn’t believe it. Far ahead of me was a gem, gimmering white with shining silver moonlight. It was the same as my pendant’s gem.
It looked like it had jumped out of the stories my Mom told me when I was younger.
Once the powerful dragons, united, they forged their magic together in a gem. The Gem Of Hope. Then as time passed, the reign of the dragons ended, the gem disappeared, it hid in the darkest depths of the Earth, never to be seen again. The prophecy says one day, the world will need the gem, the gem shall be held against the sky by a young girl, who is enmagicad by moonlight. Then the gem shall heal the world.
As per legends, the gem carried more magic than anything else. And this magic was all hope, love and trust.
I looked at the shining white gem, and it called to me. It was almost as if it was whispering,
“Adara? Adara. Adara!”
I got up, fists clenched. I grabbed my sword.
I bolted, slashing at monsters, killing them. I flew, ignoring all obstacles. Mudd running by my side. My eyes were fixed on the gem. As I neared the gem my necklace and the gem began to glow in sync.
Then as I approached it I stopped and looked at it.
“It couldn’t be,” I said to myself “It couldn’t be.”
I held the gem up in the sky.
I waited. I closed my eyes. But nothing.
“That who holds the gem, must have hope to be giving hope to others.” my voice said inside my head. I looked at Mudd. He gave me a lick and hopeful puppy eyes. I fingered my pendant.
Then I closed my eyes. I thought of the world, as a better place. I smiled.
Slowly the colors of the world returned, the trees grew wild, flowers of vivid colors. The monsters disappeared as if never there.
“It’s over Mudd.” I said, as magic danced from my fingers, the magic of moonlight.

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The read-write contest

In which I try to write a five sentence story.

Why do competitions always start with za rulez? Za ok letz zus start.

  • Thank the person who nominated you/who’s blog you find this on, give them some fun book-character name (like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, etc)
  • If you have a blog, list down the rules in a post, if not, contact/email the creator (contact page)
  • Add the logo of this competition below the rules
  • Link back to the original post and the post of the one who nominated you
  • Answer the following questions!-Do you like to read? Which book made you like reading?
  • Which book are you currently reading?
  • Which book would you recommend non book-lovers to read?
  • Which book character describes you the best?
  • Which kind of book do you hate a lot and why(please don’t spread hate!)
  • Write a story with just 5 lines (5 because their are 5 letters in “story”, hehe) (you will be given points based on the story you write!)
  • make sure your story is suitable for all ages or your entry will be disqualified
  • After the story, share a cool fact you read! Mention the source too! (OPTIONAL)
  • This competition ends on 20th December 2021, winners will be announced on 1st January 2022.
  • Nominate some regular commenters of your blog to show them how much it means! Also nominate your friends! The questions are fixed, so you don’t need to make new ones!

So firstly. Thank you Betty @TheBoxOfWonder for making this AMAZING contest. As soon as I saw it my brain was like: Ooo this sounds fun, I have to do it!
Secondly let me thank the person who nominated me, Betty @TheBoxOfWonder. No it was not necessary to do all of that cause still the same person but Yes. Ok.
Thirdly, I have to give the person who nominated me a character from a book…so…Betty. Hmm let me think. She is smart, kind, funny but yet her blogging voice seems powerful. I kind of think about her as a Hermione Granger!
Fourthly lettuce answer the questions Betty gave.

14,800 BEST Lettuce Cartoon IMAGES, STOCK PHOTOS & VECTORS | Adobe Stock

Za lettuce speaks, Za I am za lettuce! Za no za no, I is not cabbage! ZA HOW DID YOU THINK I IZ CABBAGE? I IZ LETTUCE, I IZ LETTUCE. Yez, yes, I will answerz questionz!

Dude. I said let us not lettuce.

Anyways here we go. I apologize for that CRAPPY lettuce joke but I couldn’t help it.

1- Do you like to read? Which book made you like reading?
Ofcourse I like to read. What kind of question is that? Well I’ve always liked to read, since I was…well idk exactly what age. I don’t recall I particular book that made me like reading though.

2-Which book are you currently reading?
I am currently reading A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness.

Buy A Monster Calls Book Online at Low Prices in India | A Monster Calls  Reviews & Ratings -

3-Which book would you recommend non book-lovers to read?
I do not know, but maybe something on the comic side to start them of with reading? Like Asterix and Obelix? Ok but I really don’t know.

4-Which book character describes you the best?
See now that is a hard q. Someone would obviously say the character they WANT to describe them, not the one that does. Now lets see, I’m a tomboy who loves sports, I’d call myself a ambivert, I love to write and read, I’m a total dog lover, love helping animals, I’m pretty adventurous, love nature. There are so many things I can say about myself. But ofcourse, I as anyone would would still pick the character they WANT to be like, not the one they are like. How about you tell me in the comments what character you think describes me…that would be fun…and oo please say from which book cause my tbr(to be read) might end up growing!
Wow that turned a little- Well a little. Oh come on!

5- Which kind of book do you hate a lot and why(please don’t spread hate!)
I don’t hate any book in particular. I mean yes, sure there are books I never enjoyed, never found fun to read, never came up to my taste. But I don’t hate them, they just aren’t my type, they are still good books.

Now we come to the main part. The story.

It was a dark night, gray clouds covered the sky, they shadowed the moonlight and the starlight, infact they shadowed all light. But not only the light was shadowed, so was my magic. I sat outside, hoping for but one ray of moonlight to touch my skin, hoping for but one ray of moonlight to save me from death. I gasped and winced, longing for fresh air, longing to be free from the pain, a deep toxic cut bled across my chest, hurting more than anything could hurt, sinking poison into my heart. The poison wouldn’t kill me, it would kill my soul, I would still be there, just a different me, one dark, one evil, one possesed.

Ok I’m not sure about this piece, but after thinking, going over it, re-doing it and all, I think this is around the best I could do for a good 5-line story. I mean ofcourse it can’t just end there, I’m sure more would come. Tis kinda mysterious…what happens? Even I want to know and even I don’t even know yet! Welp, a thanks to Betty for creating this challenge again.
Betty I hope you like this story…but not only her…I hope each and every one of you readers like it too!

And here sisters and brothers, I swoop into smokey, misty land and leave this scene completely.

Oooops I forgot nominees, Betty actually had to tell me in the comments HAHA. Well Ima add those now!!!

I nominate…
















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3am story writing contest

I was nominated for this by Inky, who made this contest. Inky has a AWESOME blog and I really love it, if you haven’t seen it you should check it out now! Also…if you like the look of this and want to do it too, Inky has a open nomination on her post so you totally should do it. Inky has given prompts on her blog and you have to chose one and write. I chose story promt number four. Check the prompt on Inky’s blog before I start(Here)
So it had to be…200-600 words. Its 513. No I did not count, I just put it on a word document and checked…
I think what I wrote turned out pretty nice and I might even continue writing it!!!

Its pretty long so I’m hoping you stay till the end.
Also, No it isn’t 3AM.

Oh and Inky I LOVE the featured image!


  • use the same featured image, and intsert the logo
  • nomnite 5 bloggers and notify them
  • the last day for this contest is 25th october, 2021
  • any changes will be edited
  • word limit-600 and minum is 200
  • dont be rude about others stories
  • go with the propmts shared daily
  • only do one post- max- 2. choose one promt of any day
  • tag me; the creator.
  • enojy!

So here is mine. I like it a lot. I hope you do as well.

I was walking home from school. I wore dark blue jeans and a black hoodie. I walked silently, measuring all my thoughts in my head and observing every single detail, from the green plants to ants on the ground. It was like any other day, but it wasn’t.
I was just around the corner from my house when I noticed a strange mannequin at the window of a large house. It looked like a person. I stared at it, observing it, noting its details down in my head. As I looked into its eyes, I felt like it was staring back at me.
I continued walking, as I reached my house I could hear my dog barking inside.
I went in and was welcomed with happy whining and licks. “Hey. I missed you too,” I said, sitting down on the couch. The rest of my day went by, normally, nothing different.

The next day while walking back from school I saw the same house, as I studied it from head to toe, I saw a person’s name on the gate. The name was scribbled and I could barely read it. Anyway I was more interested in the mannequin sitting on the window. Today it held a sign in its hands. I walked closer to the house, straining to read it.
Help. Me.” The sign said in beautiful cursive. I stared. The mannequin stared back, or at least it looked like it did. Then it moved, or I thought it moved. I was definitely imagining things.
Today I wasn’t headed straight home, I was going to pick up my 7 year old little brother from daycare, he was probably waiting so I kept walking. Sure…you’d think any 13 year old kid would be freaked out, but I wasn’t any 13 year old kid and I wasn’t freaked out. I was interested, I wanted to know more.
After picking my brother up I walked home with him. Instead of going the normal way, I took a long turn to see more of the mannequin. “Where are you going. I want to go home. I’m hungry.” He grumbled, pulling at my sleeve. “Wait.” I murmured. I took a quick peek at the mannequin, it now held a sign saying
Please. Please. Please.
Were the two signs related? I didn’t know, but I wanted to know.
I turned, walking home. Once we were home my brother asked me. “What were you looking at?”
I didn’t answer. It was none of his business.

The next day after school, I obviously went to see the mannequin again. I watched the mannequin, its eyes looked sad and pleading, though the first day I saw the mannequin the eyes were strong and fierce. As I watched, a large grey car pulled up the driveway and parked outside the house. A tall man in dark clothes walked into the house, he didn’t notice me. The man was weird; it felt as if he were carrying a cloud of shadow along with him. I glanced back at the window. The mannequin was gone.

Nominations. I nearly forgot about that.

I don’t know who to nominate…there are a LOT of awesome writers out here…So along with some people who I’d love to see do this I’m leaving a open nomination…feel free to do it.

1. Jan
2. SamSahana
3. Moi
4. Riya
5. Rae
6. Sophie
7. Rayna
8. Inaya
9. Blue
10. Poorwa
11. Evin
12. Pannaga


Come on I see you over there and I know you found this challenge really interesting and I know you want to do it. So go check Inky’s blog now and do it!


Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello! I was thinking of writing a poem today…but…I got nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Thank you Jan for nominating me!!! Jan has a amazing blog, she writes really well and her poems are simply fantastic, you should really check her blog!
(Warning, this post includes a LOT of crappy jokes.)


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate 11 new bloggers to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or your blog

Eleven…thats a lot of questions…so lets start.

1. What book had the most significant impact on your life?
Well, I love and enjoy reading books, but I wouldn’t say any particular book has made a significant impact.

2. If you could chose between writing poems and writing stories which one will you chose?
I really, absoulutely wouldn’t be able to chose.

3. What is your favorite thing about yourself?
My favourite thing about myself? Ok I’m going to have to think about that, Probably just that I’m me?
How much I would do for dogs? How well I write? The fact that I’m fairly good at swimming?
I don’t know what my favourite thing about myself is.

4. If you could choose to be any animal, what animal would you choose to be?
A fox. Well the first questions I’ve straight up answered, you give hard questions Jan😂

5. If you could tell your younger self any one thing, what would it be?
“Dont waste time begging your parents for a dog and then crying over it. You are getting a dog when you are 11. By the way her name is Janu. Also in your maths test you forgot to divide the answer by 7x and add 20.

6. If you didn’t have to work to make money, how would you spend your time? What would you do, or create?
...I’m in eleven year old kid…but lets say if I was an adult who had to work for money and who…
I would manage a dog shelter, help all the dogs that are homeless on the street, take them in, feed them, tend to wounds and then look for forever homes.
I would write more often, maybe actually FINISH one of the stories I’ve started(I mean long chapter ones).

7. What superpower would you choose if you were given the ability to develop one superpower?
The power of eating without gaining weight or feeling full.
Invisibility or flying. I know both of those are really simple typical superpowers, but they are cool. Sometimes you feel like growing wings and swooping up into the sky. Sometimes you want to dissapear, not be seen.

8. Who is your most favourite author if you have one?
I dont really have a favourite author.

9. Describe success in your own words.
Success is having a dog after begging for one for four whole years.
Success is when you and the dogs people around you are happy with something you have done.

10. How do you think people would react if the moon disappeared?
Aw come on why the moon, I love the moon.
People would, 1- Panic, 2- Panic, 3-Panic, 4- Panic, 6- Panic, 7- Panic, 8- Panic, 9- Panic, 10-Get over it and forget it happened.

11. If you can be one fictional character who will you chose to be?
I don’t know. Probably Lyra from His Dark Materials or Luna from The Girl Who Drank The Moon.

Ok done. Now to nominate people.

1- Pannaga

2- Eesh

3- Riya

4- Aanya

5- Moi

6- Inaya

7- Inky

8- Swara

9- Kim

10- Rae

11- Anisha

12- Poorwa

13- Eva
Can I add a 12th or a 13th it clearly states 11…Well I’m adding a 12th, so deal with it. lol.
By the way, Eva has a AMAZING blog, with photography and some story-writing…You should go check it out RIGHT NOW if you haven’t seen it yet!!!

Now for 11 questions.

1. Do you have a pet? What pet? Whats his/her name?
Yes yes ik thats three questions but just go with it!

2. If you could be one mythical creature(Like elf, demigod, witch, dragon..) which would you be?

3. Describe your dream pet.

4. How long have you been blogging?

5. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

6. Whats the last book you read?

7. What’s currently in your blog drafts?

8. What is 2+2?
Sorry I’m running out of questions.

9. What did you last eat?

10. What is your favourite animal, why?

11. Do you like my blog? What is your favourite thing about my blog? How did you find my blog?
Yes ik those are weird questions and not anything someone would orignally ask, the questions should be about you not me, but still, I want to know.

Oof, that was a lot. I hope you liked my post…Looking forward to see the posts from the people I nominated😂