Capturing the tastes of food(Photography)

Hey people! So for some reason I matched the title with another post of mine: Capturing The Beauties Of The World. This post, is as the title suggests, pictures of food. Lets begin!

Cat Photography

Hey guys! I know my posts are really on and off, I don’t post for months then I appear with like five posts and I’m sorry. I don’t think it’s lack of time….just lack of ideas. Either way…lets get into todays post…some photography of a cat.

Day 9- Lost in time

Sup people! Let’s start. Today’s poem is a poem I wrote a while ago. I wrote it for my blogiversary but I want to post is separately so yeet. Day 9- Quickly jot down 4 verbs, 4 nouns and 4 adjectives. Write a poem using all 12 words. Repost and old poem. Days slowly begin… Continue reading Day 9- Lost in time

Day 8- The Sun Has Forgotten

Hello. How’s everyone? Lets start!I am surprised I’ve been able to keep this up for eight days straight like damn Day 8- Write a cinquain on a topic of your choice. The sunIs not here yetThough it is much past dawnWill it rise again or is itlong gone?

Day 7- “I belong.”

I am back yet again for day seven. Today’s topic is quite interesting so lets see what I can do with it. Day 7- Take a walk until you find a tree you identify with, then write a poem using the tree as a metaphor for your life. I don’t know why I’m hereI don’t… Continue reading Day 7- “I belong.”

Day 6- Pink Is So Much More

Hey people! So the original prompt for day six was write a poem using your last Facebook status, but since I am not on Facebook I am using another prompt.Lets begin! Day 6- Write a poem holding the essence of your least favourite color. Pink is a color ever so prettyLike a tulip against the… Continue reading Day 6- Pink Is So Much More

Day 5- Pretty Golden Mess

Hey guys!! This is definitely getting me out of writers block! Lets begin with day five. This was really hard😬Tell me in the comments whether you understood the poem was about lemons by reading it! Day 5- Write a three line poem about lemons without using the words-lemon, yellow, round, fruit, citrus, tart, juicy, peel… Continue reading Day 5- Pretty Golden Mess

Day 4- Sea

hEy GuYs! I’m back yet again. Hey guys…I’m back.Hey guys, its me!You know what…lets skip the intro and just begin. Day 4- Write a haiku. Waves hitting the shoreA pretty blue, tinted whiteWaters calm but fierce

Day 3- Sunflower Seeds

Hey guys! The topic for day three way very interesting but a little bit hard. I tried it and my poem turned out a mess so I am altering the prompt a little. The book I opened was Ghost by Jason Reynolds and the first word I saw was sunflower seeds. Day 3- Find the… Continue reading Day 3- Sunflower Seeds


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I really hope each and every one of you readers enjoyed my posts! (:

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