Hey guys! So Riya@Hmmm had posted this prompt. She said it was something she wrote which she couldn’t think of how to continue. I am not gonna continue it cause even I have no idea what should come next, but I am going to change the part she wrote a little. Do read her version… Continue reading 18

The start to something

Hey guys! Long time no post…I know this isn’t much and it is just a tit bit of something I am working on but yeah. I plan to work on this and continue it at some point but mhm…its still just raw drafts. I am going for a kinda western with horses/guns/some outlaws bla bla… Continue reading The start to something

12th Birthday

I turned 12 yesterday. After lots of not knowing what to do I finally decided to go to a petting farm+horse trail at a place I had gone to camp for before. I went with a couple of friends.It was amazing. We went for the morning slot, so they served breakfast which was waffles, sandwiches… Continue reading 12th Birthday

Fade Away

Heya people. So um I was just sittin’ about when I realized I haven’t posted in a while. And my exams are over, yes, still I don’t seem to get time. I was thinking of how I was kinda “fading away” from the blogsphere and I opened the laptop to write. And here is what… Continue reading Fade Away


Hey people, I know this isn’t NEAR my best poem. And I know I haven’t posted in a very LONG time. And I am sorry. I will be back to posting too much soon, but like I said I have exams going on. Anyway here is a small poem… A spirit dancing through the skyWith… Continue reading Angel

A choking earth

Hello! I had given in three haikus for Gelina’s haiku contest cause why not! The results came today and I was…second! Congrats to everyone else- since there were so many people with AMAZING haikus I am not gonna take particular names right now! I really loved the contest idea and it not only was fun… Continue reading A choking earth


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