Day 1- The Sea Speaks

Hey guys! Riya@Hmmm… has been doing this 20 day challenge, writing a poem each day on given topics to get out of her writers block so I thought I could join her.

Day 1- Write a poem where each line starts with a letter from your first name. It can be about anything, but not about you or your name.

Tensed whispers coming from the tinted blue sea
A hushed tone, a low voice and it speaks to me.
Ringing deep inside my unfortunate ears
A voice singing words that bring me to tears.


Capturing the beauties of the world(Photography)

Hey guys! Today’s post is some photo’s I took. They aren’t taken through a camera or anything but I did my best to capture the beauty of whatever I was taking pictures of!

The clouds floating through the sky
A lil’ lizard on the other side of a plastic sheeting
A flower
Different views of the same flower
Mushrooms growing on a tree
Moss on rocks

I am a forester: My experience

Hey guys! I wrote this poem in the view of a forester for a school project and I am sharing it with you guys as well! Hope you enjoy reading! And many apologies for how on and off I am with my posts. I promise I am trying.

I speak for the forest, I speak for the trees
I speak so that they can stand.
I use my voice in the hopes people see
How lucky we are to have tree covered land.

I stay in the woodlands, onsite,
Camping out on the grass covered floor.
I am happy, though I have some sleepless nights,
and cross paths with some wild boar.

The encounters with animals of all kind
Is probably my favourite thing of it all,
For I’ve found lorises that are rare to find
And bobcats who lurk and prowl.

Then there are the trees I get to work with,
Evergreen trees: Red cedar, oak and royal palm,
Deciduous trees: Maple elm and birch.
All deep in the dense forest, yet ever so calm.

I work hard, I find a balance, planting trees nonstop,
Yet people always seem to beat me
For thousands more than what I plant are chopped.
But I will keep trying until people start to love the trees.

I am a forester!
I speak for the forest, for every single tree.
Because they don’t have voices
And because nobody else would speak.


One Year Of Blogging(blogiversary)

Hey guys! I am so sorry that my posts have been on and off. I want to say it’s cause I have no time, but it’s probably cause I don’t know what to write about.

Either way…It’s been ONE YEAR since I started my blog!
This could just be a post with stats or something boring but instead…I’m doing what I do best! A poem.

Lost in time

Days slowly begin to vanish
Morning mists burn away.
The pale crescent moon visits,
but doesn’t bother to stay.

Weeks fly away into the wind
Little fragile seedlings
turn into tall thundering trees
through the blissful months of spring.

Months pass by
without looking back even once.
Old things are forgotten
and replaced with new ones.

Soon years and years are gone
Amongst crowds of fond memories
Words are lost astray.
Lost in seconds, lost in minutes,
Lost in time.


The Star Of Bethlehem: A Flower

Hey peeps! Today I am here with a poem and some pictures of the star of Bethlehem also known as the night blooming cereus or the queen of the night.. It has many names and is really a beautiful flower. My grandmother always has flowers growing in her garden and last time we visited her there were 13 flowers of the star of Bethlehem. We were very lucky to see them blooming(they bloom once in their lives and only in the night)
Hope you like the pictures and enjoy reading the poem!

A rosy pink shell
Within a white colorless hue
A gentle yellow center
Drizzled with early morning dew.
Shone like a star
Glowing in the murky sky
Shone like the moon
Staring at us from up high.
A gentle scent of vanilla
Floating into the air
As she opens up at once
Making mouths drop and eyes stare.
Then by morning she wilts
Her petals gently flutter out of sight
But either way, she is and always will be,
the queen of the night.


Paint Me Like I am- Rewriting a poem

A friends mother got me this poetry book…Paint Me Like I am. The poems are beautiful. One of the poems “Paint me like I am” by Delia Garcia says paint me without my sorrow…paint me happy. I am going to rewrite it more like- Don’t paint over my sorrow or paint me happy when I am not.
Even though I love how it turned out…I hesitated to post this…but here we go-

First here is the original poem(it is beautiful)-

Why don’t you paint me
Like I am?
Paint me happy,
Laughing, running down a path of happiness
Paint me with a smile on my face.

Paint me with long wavy black hair
And my rosy cheeks.
Paint me sunflowers, red and white roses.
Paint me with bears, rabbits and baby deer
In my arms, dancing around me.
Paint me somewhere wonderful
Somewhere where there’s sunshine and
A light blue sky
With butterflies floating
Around that lovely sky.

Paint me without my sadness.
Paint me without my sorrow.
Paint me without my tears.
Paint me so my pain won’t show.

Can you see the face telling you paint me happy,
Paint me with life, but most of all
Paint me free.

-Delia Garcia

Now here’s my ver-

Why don’t you paint me
Like I am?
Don’t paint me happy
When I am sad.
Don’t paint me with a smile on my face
When I’m on the verge of tears.

Paint me with my long wavy black hair
And my rosy cheeks.
Paint me with nature surrounding me,
Paint me with colorful flowers.
Paint me somewhere wonderful
Yet somewhere I have been.
Paint the skies as beautiful as you can
but don’t paint them blue
when they are gray.

Don’t paint me without my sadness.
Don’t paint me without my sorrow.
Don’t paint a fake smile on my face
To cover my cold tears.

Instead paint my tears
And paint them pretty.
Paint them with your favorite colors.

Paint me like I am,
Paint me with life,
Paint me with color,
But most of all
Paint me free.


Animals, Janu the dog, Photography

Janu Photoshoot!

Hey people, I took some beautiful pics of Janu and am going to share them! Lets start!

I am in love with this one! The focus on her paw…how her eyes are looking the other side…how she is sitting…just everything!
Giving me model vibes and this one in particular just feels so aesthetic 🤎
Omg yes. That yawn.
That stare….and the floppy ears…
This one might not have come out how I wanted it to-
Those lil teeth!

Hope Janu put a smile to your face!

Poems, Random

The Waters Of An Ocean

Hey! Long time no post! I have a short poem here….and I hope all of you like it! Sorry I haven’t posted in sooo long…but I will be back to regular posting soon.

I want to be the waters of an ocean,
Waters that are always allowed to roam free.
Waters whose tides are always balanced,
Balanced between wrath and glee.
Waters that have secrets hidden down below,
Secrets concealed under gentle flows.
Waters that sit under the crispy summer sky,
Dancing pretty colors, dancing blue, dancing white.
Waters to which no rules can bind.
But most of all waters who hold creatures,
Waters who give life.