Janu the dog

Happy Birthday Janu!

It was Janu’s birthday yesterday.
It’s been two years since she came into this world, though it feels like she has always been here. I can barely remember life without her.
Her previous owners say that she is really lucky to have us, but honestly, we are really lucky to have her.
Lucky beyond words.
Though she might not have known it was her birthday of such, she was glad to receive extra attention starting from cuddles too a chicken carrot cake that I baked for her and her friends.

Now without further ado, lets see some pictures of Janu!

Hehehe she still chews the carpet-
Those eyes-
Love these action shots. This is her and her bestieee(Imli Rani) playing.
Definitely her fav way to sleep.
She kind of looks possessed not gonna lie-
I will forever be ✨Janu’s personal pillow✨
Her all-time favourite toy: Jack the unicorn.
Gifted to her by Eva@AlbumOfAmazing.
(Gonna leave out the fact that she chewed it into three parts in the end)

Trying Picrew(Reposting Aarya Mali’s Post)

Hey guys! So Aarya Mali @YoursAaryaMali made a post in which she tried picrew.
And welll….she made….me.
She hasn’t seen me ofcourse, so I assume she made it based on my old profile pic which was also a picrew and similar to what she made!
Anyway do check out her blog…it is quite amazing!

Yours Aarya Mali

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Recreating Characters On Picrew(Heroes of Olympus edition)

Hey guys!
Hi guys.
Ya know what. Forget the intro. Recreating characters on picrew part 2. Heroes of Olympus edition.
(Comment your fav character and some suggestions for part 3)

✨BriCK BoY✨
✨BaD bOy SuPreme✨
✨BeaUtY QuEEn✨
✨MiSS uNDerground✨

Fish Market

Has your teacher ever said “This is a class, not a ‘fish market’…”
Well I tried to capture that ‘fish market’ in a haiku.
I imagine a fish market to be stinky, noisy and a mess of crowds of people who who just want fish. Which is quite a heap to put into a tiny, three line, 17 syllable haiku.
Anyway I did my best.

A foul stench of fish
Noisy crowds swarming about
They all want the fish

Animals, Janu the dog, Photography

Janu(Photography of my dog)

Hey guys! It’s been quite a while. Apologies for the disappearance. It is not really about having or not having time to blog…but about having ideas to write about.
So if you guys have any poem ideas do share in the comments.
Anyway lets get on with todays post, some photos of Janu being the total goofball that she is.

The eyes-
More snouts?

Capturing the tastes of food(Photography)

Hey people! So for some reason I matched the title with another post of mine: Capturing The Beauties Of The World. This post, is as the title suggests, pictures of food.
Lets begin!

Shit this is making me hungry-
That close up on the cinnamon bun-
That orange flavoured jam lookin’ so good.
Creamy mustard basa, fried onions & oyster mushrooms, asparagus & lastly salad.


Day 9- Lost in time

Sup people! Let’s start. Today’s poem is a poem I wrote a while ago. I wrote it for my blogiversary but I want to post is separately so yeet.

Day 9- Quickly jot down 4 verbs, 4 nouns and 4 adjectives. Write a poem using all 12 words. Repost and old poem.

Days slowly begin to vanish
Morning mists burn away.
The pale crescent moon visits,
but doesn’t bother to stay.

Weeks fly away into the wind
Little fragile seedlings
turn into tall thundering trees
through the blissful months of spring.

Months pass by
without looking back even once.
Old things are forgotten
and replaced with new ones.

Soon years and years are gone.
Amongst crowds of fond memories,
Words are lost astray.
Lost in seconds, lost in minutes,
Lost in time.