Day 9- Lost in time

Sup people! Let’s start. Today’s poem is a poem I wrote a while ago. I wrote it for my blogiversary but I want to post is separately so yeet.

Day 9- Quickly jot down 4 verbs, 4 nouns and 4 adjectives. Write a poem using all 12 words. Repost and old poem.

Days slowly begin to vanish
Morning mists burn away.
The pale crescent moon visits,
but doesn’t bother to stay.

Weeks fly away into the wind
Little fragile seedlings
turn into tall thundering trees
through the blissful months of spring.

Months pass by
without looking back even once.
Old things are forgotten
and replaced with new ones.

Soon years and years are gone
Amongst crowds of fond memories
Words are lost astray.
Lost in seconds, lost in minutes,
Lost in time.


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