Day 6- Pink Is So Much More

Hey people! So the original prompt for day six was write a poem using your last Facebook status, but since I am not on Facebook I am using another prompt.
Lets begin!

Day 6- Write a poem holding the essence of your least favourite color.

Pink is a color ever so pretty
Like a tulip against the sky.
Pink is a color that is endless
Like love that will never die.
Pink is so much more
Than the color of femininity.
Pink is so much more
Than a color timid and shy.
Pink is boxed into categories
Lets break out from that box
And lets write in infinite ink,
That girls can like the color blue
And boys the color pink!

14 thoughts on “Day 6- Pink Is So Much More”

  1. Such a sweet poem! Lovely work! I used to dislike pink as a young girl because I thought it was “too girly” and wanted not be seen as such but as I matured I figured out that it’s a lovely color and one does not have to be girly to love it.

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  2. Haha pink has actually always been my favourite colour! But I do wish people saw it more than just a feminine colour, as you highlighted in the poem! To me it screamsss energy! 😆 Great post Stara!

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