Which of my poems do you like?

Hey guys, I have a big question.
I am entering a poetry contest and you are allowed to give up to 10 entries.
Along with writing something new I am going to look at old poems, work on them a little and then submit them.
So I ask you guys: Which of my poems do you think are among the best?
I also looked through my poems and I realized they aren’t thaaat good. But yeah.
Please, please, please name a few poems you really thought were good in the comments. And thanks!

27 thoughts on “Which of my poems do you like?”

    1. Thanks. I realized none are that good so I might write new ones only. What topic do you think would be good for a poem that is going to be entered in a contest?

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      1. Hmm have they given any topics?
        If not, then maybe can choose topics which narrate some story, tragedy or maybe use a picture and introduce a poem inspired from that picture. maybe u can try other poetry forms a different rhyme scheme too…
        of course these are some suggestions😃😅 good luck!

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      1. Hm, not sure. You could try re-writing a poem with the same name as one of the others but completely changing the words? Does that make sense? Just suggestions!

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    1. Sure! My Mom just saw it going around instagram and we decided to sign up for it! There was an entry fee- different by age groups.
      No word limit, any topic though they said they would provide a theme incase anyone needs inspiration.
      If you were thinking about it or something I could send u the link.


      1. I submitted a few pieces. You are allowed to submit up till ten.
        I think I could have done better but since I am out of town and at my grandparents house I didn’t manage to spend too much time on it.
        But lets see what happens!!


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