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Dinosaur Besties: Kid Series

Heya people! I am back with one of these dinosaur tales. They need work and I plan to work on them more, but along with working on them I am sharing them with you for your opinions, ideas and corrections. Do feel free to suggest things. And for those who haven’t read the other two, I started writing them for my six year old dinosaur loving cousin.
Tap here for part 1
Tap here for part 2
And lets begin part three…

Today Roxy and Spike are exploring the swamps. The swamps are a beautiful place, they have lots of water and there are weeds and plants growing everywhere! On the edges of the swamps grew fields and fields of mangrove plants.
“What a pretty place! So much greenery!” Spike said, nibbling on the moss and weeds that were deeply rooted into the ground.
“It is quite pretty, but there are better places to explore!” Roxy groaned.
“Come on! We might see something interesting!” Spike said, swallowing a big gulp of ferns.
“Fine!” Roxy said, as they walked down, right towards the water. Roxy bent down and took a gulp of the water. Inside the green waters stood a dinosaur. It was greenish- blue and stood on two legs. It had a weird shape on its head.
“Hi?” Roxy asked.
“T-Rex. Huh T-Rex. You T-Rex?” It spoke back in panicked stutters. It looked pretty young. “T-REX?” It yelled, suddenly worried.
“Excuse me? I’m not going to do anything, don’t worry,”
“Yep, she is my best friend, she won’t hurt you!” Spike said to the dinosaur.
“Ok. Ok.” It said, then it swam straight into the waters.
“Woah! That was a cool dinosaur! Can you tell me something about it from your book?”
“Well ok, I think it’s a duckbill dinosaur. Let’s check.” Spike said. He started looking for his book.
“One minor issue, Roxy, I can’t find my book. No no no! It has a lot of important information on dinosaurs! I love that book, where could it be?” Spike cried.
“Hey it’s ok, we will find it!” Roxy yelled enthusiastically.
“O- ok.” Spike said. “I don’t know where it could be, Roxy. I-” Spike stuttered.
“Hey, its ok, we will find it.” Roxy ensured Spike.
Then they started searching. They checked the bog, they checked the meadow, they checked everywhere! Yet, they didn’t find a book. They kept searching.
“Maybe it’s at our secret hideout.” Roxy said.
“It better be. We were there yesterday, maybe I forgot it then.” Spike murmured. They both ran to the hideout, but no book. “We forgot to check the swamp!” Roxy said.
Then they ran to the swamp. They looked everywhere, then they saw it. It was floating on a lily plant leaf in the waters.  “I can’t swim.” Roxy said. “Nor can I!” Spike said.
Then in came the little duckbill dinosaur they had seen before. He picked up the book in his mouth and put it at the shore. Then he went back into the waters.
“I thought I lost you forever!” Spike said to the book.
“Anything lost, can always be found.” Roxy said with a smile.

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