Hey people, I know this isn’t NEAR my best poem. And I know I haven’t posted in a very LONG time. And I am sorry. I will be back to posting too much soon, but like I said I have exams going on. Anyway here is a small poem…

A spirit dancing through the sky
With a pureness in her heart
And a gentle stare in her crystal eyes
As she sings to herself
About the world outside
And about the world within
Her hair flying in the wind
Black waves of beauty
Her wings full of ash,
Just a little bit sooty,
White with hints of grey,
But shining through the cold day,
A spirit with pure heart,
One who’s kind to all,
An angel,
One who’s yet to fall.

32 thoughts on “Angel”

      1. Ah that is a beautiful idea! Yeah we totally could…last time I wrote with you it was extremely fun! We can chat on the same private post from last time…
        Heres the link if u lost it-https://stara665483257.wordpress.com/2022/02/27/poem-dhritiignore/
        And the password is stara if u forget.
        Uhh so I have exams rn they end wednesday…so do u mind if we start writing it thursday cause idk if i will be online much!

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