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Janu Writes Haikus

Oh come on! I know dogs don’t write haikus. Well this one does.
Fine. Let me rephrase that…Owners write haikus as the dog?

Welp. No intro. Haikus as Janu.

Food Food Food Food Food
Food Food Food Food Food Food Food
Food Food Food Food Food

I will keep you safe,
My sharp and loud bark will save
You from the mailman.

I will make some poop,
Such pretty, distinguished art,
You save it in bags.

Ding! The doorbell rang,
I will shoo them far away,
Bark Woof Bark Bark Woof!

You eating chicken?
Soulful, starving puppy eyes,
Please gib me a bite?

I want to go play,
You will think I need to pee,
If I sit and whine.

Are you in a class?
Let me put my nose in your face,
And lick your knee.

You reading a book?
I will annoy you a lot,
Lick, lick, drool, bark, whine.

Ah yes, that petting!
Ah! Both hands, itching my ears,
Now belly rubs please.

I hear my own leash,
We going for a walk now?
Lets do happy spins!

Trees Trees Trees Trees Trees
Other Dogs Other Dogs Other Dogs, woof,
Run free Run free Run

We are back at home,
Is that my food bowl I hear?
Lets eat all the food!

Ran around so much,
I am exhausted, must sleep,

28 thoughts on “Janu Writes Haikus”

    1. There are so many thing I did not include….Zoomies…Pulling at the leash when seeing another dog….visiting places without much grassy area then coming home and being like- At last, grass, a bathroom! Then…sleeping in the sprawl, begging you too pet them….nudging you or pawing you cause you aren’t petting…the training stage….accidently peeing in the house…diggging potted plants and then coming back all guilty….etc!!!
      It is technically, many haikus together btw!
      Ikr it was funnyyy!
      Thanku so much Gelina!

      Liked by 1 person

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