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And now there is a 100

There was none,
A sorrowful place,
Then there was one,
Slowly appearing the grace,
Then came more,
Slowly entering in,
They joint in the core,
They were all kin,
Then slowly they became a lot,
A happy little corner,
There were then loads and loads,
And soon came so many,
A hundred and one.

Thank you guys! 101 followers! I’m in shock! Happy shock😂
So I thought about what to do and I decided we can do a quiz! I’ve seen and done the quizzes on Eva and Gelina’s blog and they are really fun!

How a poet would describe you as a color.
I got- Blue. The ocean and her waves and her tides. Blueberries, mellow and muted, with their juice tinting the skies.

What kind of dog should you adopt?
I got- German Shepard. German Shepard’s are fun, cute, and tough. They could even save your life in certain situations as they are very protective! This is an amazing dog breed.

What is your inner animal?
I got- Lion. You’re fearless, smart, and outgoing!

And here we stop! I hope you guys enjoyed! Bye!

60 thoughts on “And now there is a 100”

  1. Awww the poem was so sweet! And congratsss on 101 followers!!💕
    okay so for the quizzes, i got the colour red, german shepard and according to buzzfeed, my inner animal is a dog just because i chose dog as my fav animal, like wha-
    anywayss, i hope your blog grows more and gets tons and tons of more followers!❤

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    1. Thanksssss! Awwww thanks! Quite a milestone!
      Oooo, red, nice! What is your fav color?
      Nice german sheps are amazing!
      Maybe it was based on your other options! Cause I chose dog too! But got lion!
      Thanku so much Siya!!!

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  2. Yayayayyayay! You did it you did it!!! Congrats on hundred followers stara!! It’s a very big achievement! I’m glad to be a part of your century for so long! You surely deserve more recognition! CINGRATS!

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  3. How a poet would describe you as a color.
    I got- Red. Fire, flames, the heat of the sun. You’re vibrant and lively but too much could hurt someone.

    What kind of dog should you adopt?
    I got- Pug! Pugs are cute and funny! You’ll get endless kisses and a lot of cute head turns. Try to adopt a rescue pug because there are a ton out there who need loving homes!

    What is your inner animal?
    I got- Dog! You’re playful, loyal, and funny!

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  4. Congratulations, Stara! You deserve that and so much more!
    And that was a great poem… The words you choose-
    I don’t know if I have already this, but the way you put your words together is simply amazing!
    And you are definitely a lion, hehe…

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ooh, I did the first and got orange-
        “The sunset, the sunrise, oranges pick fresh from the trees. The most underrated color, vibrant yet controlled. Lying on the grass, enjoying the breeze”

        That’s actually a beautiful description!

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