What do you see?

Hey people! Soo I was writing this for the December-Vibes-Poetry Contest, but I came up with something else for that and wanted to work on it more. Either way, this was literally inspired by a sentence Khushi/Kunjal had…Is December happy starry like Christmas or snowy and a gloomy reign? 
So literally out of that…

An icy cold, gloomy and forlorn night,
That lacks happiness and light.
Or a shining and glamourous morning,
Where the joy creeps up without warning?
What is December to you?
Is it a yellow glee or a sadness, blue?
Does the cold creep up sneakily,
Are your eyes droopy and tears a sea?
Or are you dancing in the Christmas lights,
Having parties and enjoying the nights?
Is December full of happiness, love and glee?
Or is it full of sadness and curse that nobody sees?
It all matters on how you look at it,
Do you see the starry lights, how the place is lit,
Or do you see the cold gloominess there might be?
The only thing that matters, is what you see!

Btw, doesn’t even snow where I live. *laugh. laugh*

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