Hello. Short poem. I know it’s a little boring compared to my other poems, but it is simple, short and I wanted to post something! Either way, I have more poems coming up soon! For now, read this!

Ice cold nights,
Shining lights,
Freezing days,
Wind blowing away,
Christmas spirit,
Everything lit,
Colors red and green,
Like you’ve never seen,
Nobody has a frown,
Or feels down,
Smiles fill the place, each inch,
Like a maze of happiness.

18 thoughts on “Smiles”

    1. I know it isn’t boring, just in comparison, cause one day we have one of a lonely dragon hated by the world who has never met another dragon and promises to find himself a friend and does or crazy color descriptions and the question- what is the world without color? Then we have this! Soooo not boring just simple in comparison!

      Thank you so much blue!!!

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