Hello people! Today I’m back with another poem and honestly I’m in love with how good it turned out!!!
I have to give some credit to blue because in one of my posts I asked for random words and “Colors” was one of the words she gave me!

Anyway here goes the poem, I’m in awe of how it came out, I hope you guys like it too!

Pitch black darkness cold, empty and dark as night,
Icy cold white, nothingness dull but yet bright.
A young candy pink, gentle and full of glee,
A gentle blue as calm as the sky and sea.
A pretty violet dancing around full of grace,
A brown calm as mud, all over the place.
A dark, evil and sly purple, dancing around,
A flushing lush green swimming on the ground.
A cool, wandering gray chilling through the day,
A gentle energetic violet that just wants to play!
A happy playful yellow, overflowing with happiness,
A calm and pretty magenta bouncing on a dress.
A shining, enchanted silver, magical without a doubt,
A lurking green, so jealous it makes you want to shout.
A livid, burning and enraged red ready to burst,
But all before these would be the two colors that come first,
Black and white, shimmering through the day and night,
Darkness, emptiness, yet beauty and glee so bright,
All the colors have there own special spot,
So comes a simple thought,
What would the world be without color?

28 thoughts on “Color”

  1. Oh. my. goodness.
    I have no words. I have absolutely no words to describe how amazing that poem was! For real! Amazing. More than amazing.
    I really liked how you described each colour!
    *gives you ice cream, trophies, books, cakes, and lasagna*
    How on earth do you write such creative, interesting, beautiful poems? This was lit! The way you rhyme the words is- *gives you more ice cream*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thanks. AAAAH I always love reading your comments blue!!! They’re always so long and meaningful! Thanks a lot!
      ICE CREAM!!!! ICEEEECREAM! I’m hungry.
      Oooo I love lasagna! Lol!
      *only sees the food part and not the rest cause she is hingry!*

      Correction: How on random space planet…
      not How on Earth…
      Did you think I lived on Ear-
      Ok fine, I live on Earth!



  2. Hmmm the world would be a polaroid without colors … but that is a thought for another poem😂 I love the way you ended this one💛💛 amaaaaazing✌🏻


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