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Broken and Fixed inside

Heylo! Sup. For today’s post, a poem.
Ok ok. Let’s begin already. So I know I’ve written two other poems that begin with “The creature rose from…” but yes. This one can add to the list. Friendship & Reddish-Orange Flash are the other two. Also like the others, I’m not telling you what the creature is, read till the end to find out! Anyway, enjoy! Also yes I acknowledge the poem is weird and random, deal with it!

The creature rose from the depths of darkness,
Most people thought of it as a vicious brutal beast,
They thought of it as no less than a crazy mess.
In their minds all the good thoughts ceased.

But there was more to the creature than fire and flame,
The creature sat and moped all alone in the rain.
There was more to it than violence and mean names.
There was loneliness and a deep deep pain.

The creature had been so lonely infact it was all alone,
It wandered everywhere looking for one of its own kind.
In sadness it took flight but all hope wasn’t gone.
It took the skies promising a friend it would find.

As it flew through the heavens and clouded skies,
People could see its true beauty and grace,
That was always there, just hidden inside,
It had been covered by sadness, bottled up in a case.

Now the beauty stood out, crazy and strong,
It was determined to find a friend,
Who could help it through right and wrong,
A friend that would be there till the very end.

As it circled tall mountains and swooped by low seas,
It saw something spectacular,
Something it simply couldn’t believe,
Along the coast by the sea slightly far away,

Stood a creature glowing through the day,
The creature was large and pretty,
Shining in colors blue, golden and grey.
The creature sat by the sea.

The creature was majestic and strong,
It was large, beautiful and very tall.
As they both saw each other with a glance,
Their hearts filled with joy and they roared a loving call.

The two creatures would be together forever,
The creature had found a friend,
Who would never ever leave,
And be there till life’s end.

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