Snow Globe: Christmas Poem

Hey guys! With Christmas around the corner, I decided to write a Christmas-y poem. I don’t have much to say like usual, so just read the poem.

Little glittery pieces of snow floating around,
Children dancing in the magical land they found.

On the ground a snow white sheet of magic,
And the sky with Christmas lights all lit.

Pretty little houses lined up along the snow,
With wooden doors and striking lights that glow.

Along the houses beyond the bridge,
Lies thousands of Christmas trees growing at the ridge.

Then past the trees is a tiny park,
Where children play and dogs walk and bark.

Everywhere in the little place there is glittery snow,
Everywhere there is Christmas lights that never fail to glow!

And all over trees are planted making it all green,
It’s the most lovely thing people have ever seen.

And all of this you can see just through the glass of a jar,
A special jar, a snow globe, a pretty little star.

And we are done! Hope ya liked reading it!
Also Ima ask for a favor. Since I have no ideas of what topics to write poems about, along with your comments, comment three random words. Then watch and see, I might turn one of those words into a poem!!!

16 thoughts on “Snow Globe: Christmas Poem”

    1. Thanks!!! Tho I’ve aldready written about Dogs and Books. Maybe another about them, or perhaps I do something with christmas tree, that actually gives me an idea!!! Glad you liked the post, and thanks for the threee words!!!

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      1. yep! (: is a huuge smily face, but when it changes to :), it’s a really small smile. Why is not what i mean. I mean big smile but it becomes small smile


      2. Yepppp!!! I’m not that sure what you mean but what I meant is I used to do this :), but it always becomes 🙂 this on wordpress so most bloggers do this (:
        Ooook this conversation is going nowhere! Lol! Confusion!

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