Magic: A poem

Ah! Well here is another poem. I have nothing to say so I’m not saying more than enjoy reading the poem! Lets begin!

A girl in a flowing sky-blue dress,
A red crimson laid upon her chest.
Her ash black hair lit with a timid light,
Waiting for the dark, dark, night.
Her light pink lips, glowing blood red,
Her fate full of worry and dread.
Around her vines swam around, sly,
Above them the birds dance and fly,
Fly in the purple sun-lit skies,
Waiting for the girl to arise.
Around the girl magic wanders,
As she laughs and as she ponders.
In her skin magic swims,
Soon to be full till the brim.
Then it shall fly up and burst,
A burning volcano with greedy thirst.


24 thoughts on “Magic: A poem”

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