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Hello people! I haven’t written a poem in a while XD. So here I am writing a poem. It turned out well! Its about-
Well it’s about a creature, whose identity you shall find at the end of this poem!

Oh and also you might get confused why the name is ‘Friendship’, for that as well, stick around till the end to find out!
I think the poem turned out pretty well. I like it and I hope you do too!

The creature rose from the trash,
Covered in dirt and ash,
The ash slowly flew away,
As the creature moved through the day.

The creature ran fast through the days heat,
It ran full of speed, it was light on its feet,
It ran looking for water and food,
Ignoring all the people that were being rude.

The people thought it dirty and old,
They threw stones as it shivered in the cold,
They watched it and didn’t even care,
Of how it was weak, wounded and scared.

A little boy sat by the road waiting for it,
It threw for the creature, egg and bread bits.
The creatures stomach leaped in joy,
Smiling at the little boy.

And forever they were friends,
To life’s very end.
The dog and the boy,
They lived with joy!

I was hoping this poem would emphasize on how the people were mean to the stray dog and a little boy who was kind changed the strays whole life!

Janu says hello to all of you!

See you next post! Lettuce leave!

Za I am za lettuce! And honestly, I am za hurt! I mean I waz really wanting a holiday, but za way you said that. “Lettuce leave.”
I have been here for you when you said lettuce start the post when you said-

Ok dude.
1- The post has ended, why are we still here?
2- All of those times I said let us.
3- I said let us this time too.
4- Where’d you get the suitcase and map?

Oh za I should get my hearing checked. I’m sure u said za lettuce not za let us. Za anyway. I hereby end this post! I think.

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64 thoughts on “Friendship”

      1. Well my favourite favourite, would simply be a mutt. Indian Pariahs otherwise, they are basically mutts! But I also adore german sheps, they are soooo playfull. And lemme think…ALL DOGS! Tho for fav I’d say mutts, rescues, indian pariahs….

        What about youuuu?

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Ooo! I love them too, though I love all breeds! Golden Retrievers are so sweet, goofy and kind! And well behaved and loving!
        And Dachshunds are soo tiny and adorable!!!
        Do you have a pet?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yep! I’m happy my parents agreed! I’ve been begging for ever!!! And my dog is the sweeeeetest little thing. I’m sure you will get a dog one day :)…there’s always after college!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Ah nice! I like Taylor Swift! I had a whole phase of only listening to her songs…but I’m past that…now I listen to a few more varieties. Ava Max…and some others!!! Don’t wanna list them out rn!

        Liked by 1 person

      5. I still have those phases! Like I have a Spotify playlist for only Taylor songs! I haven’t gotten around to listening Red Taylors version completely yet tho 😦
        And i like Ava max too! I haven’t heard a lot of her songs, but I like the few i have heard.


      6. Ya and also you would initially be doing the work(walking…feeding…training…cleaning poo and pee.) but if u r at college it will end up being your parents burden😂

        Liked by 1 person

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