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Dinosaur Besties: Kid Series.

Hello! I have a cousin, a six year old boy, who absolutely loves dinos. I’ve written one or two small dino stories for him…now I thought I’d write one for him and also share it! So here we go…It’s more gonna be for little kids cause I’m writing it for him…but Ima share it anyway!
If any of you have younger siblings…feel free to read it to them!!!

Once upon a time in the depths of a rainforest lived a troop of dinosaurs, there were wide ranges of dinos, from calm brontosaurus to ferocious T-Rex! The forest was a beautiful place, it was lush and green and a perfect place for all the dinosaurs! The dinosaurs all lived in harmony, I mean of course, sometimes the carnivores would eat each other but what can I say.
A part of the troop of dinosaurs were two best friends, a young T-Rex and a young stegosaurus. Yes, it was a strange friendship as most T-rexes would be eating a stegosaurus for breakfast! But Roxy was different, she and Spike her best friend were the closest dinosaurs ever!
They had met on a cold night, on which Spike had been dancing in a pile of leaves near an old oak tree. He had scampered away from his mother and troop and was playing around joyfully. While he was playing Roxy saw him, Roxy was interested, she thought of him as a playmate and absolutely not breakfast! She ran up to him and attacked in a playful way.
“Ow.” Spike yelled. Then he looked up, seeing a T-Rex he was frightened, fear ran across his face.
“Don- Don’t Don’t kill me!” Spike stammered. “STAY BACK. Stay back.” Spike said terrified.
“I won’t hurt you…I only want to play…” Roxy said, with a heartwarming smile.
“Oh…Ok.” Spike said slowly, giving an unsure smile.
And ever since then they have been inseparable friends!

I hope you liked it…even though it wasn’t much and is definitely more for little kids!

19 thoughts on “Dinosaur Besties: Kid Series.”

      1. This story didn’t have the best plot for a kid and there was too much conversation, but you should read the others. And about morals, it is meant to be more like dinosaur adventures though I am sure one or two parts could have a moral.

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