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The read-write contest

In which I try to write a five sentence story.

Why do competitions always start with za rulez? Za ok letz zus start.

  • Thank the person who nominated you/who’s blog you find this on, give them some fun book-character name (like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, etc)
  • If you have a blog, list down the rules in a post, if not, contact/email the creator (contact page)
  • Add the logo of this competition below the rules
  • Link back to the original post and the post of the one who nominated you
  • Answer the following questions!-Do you like to read? Which book made you like reading?
  • Which book are you currently reading?
  • Which book would you recommend non book-lovers to read?
  • Which book character describes you the best?
  • Which kind of book do you hate a lot and why(please don’t spread hate!)
  • Write a story with just 5 lines (5 because their are 5 letters in “story”, hehe) (you will be given points based on the story you write!)
  • make sure your story is suitable for all ages or your entry will be disqualified
  • After the story, share a cool fact you read! Mention the source too! (OPTIONAL)
  • This competition ends on 20th December 2021, winners will be announced on 1st January 2022.
  • Nominate some regular commenters of your blog to show them how much it means! Also nominate your friends! The questions are fixed, so you don’t need to make new ones!

So firstly. Thank you Betty @TheBoxOfWonder for making this AMAZING contest. As soon as I saw it my brain was like: Ooo this sounds fun, I have to do it!
Secondly let me thank the person who nominated me, Betty @TheBoxOfWonder. No it was not necessary to do all of that cause still the same person but Yes. Ok.
Thirdly, I have to give the person who nominated me a character from a book…so…Betty. Hmm let me think. She is smart, kind, funny but yet her blogging voice seems powerful. I kind of think about her as a Hermione Granger!
Fourthly lettuce answer the questions Betty gave.

14,800 BEST Lettuce Cartoon IMAGES, STOCK PHOTOS & VECTORS | Adobe Stock

Za lettuce speaks, Za I am za lettuce! Za no za no, I is not cabbage! ZA HOW DID YOU THINK I IZ CABBAGE? I IZ LETTUCE, I IZ LETTUCE. Yez, yes, I will answerz questionz!

Dude. I said let us not lettuce.

Anyways here we go. I apologize for that CRAPPY lettuce joke but I couldn’t help it.

1- Do you like to read? Which book made you like reading?
Ofcourse I like to read. What kind of question is that? Well I’ve always liked to read, since I was…well idk exactly what age. I don’t recall I particular book that made me like reading though.

2-Which book are you currently reading?
I am currently reading A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness.

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3-Which book would you recommend non book-lovers to read?
I do not know, but maybe something on the comic side to start them of with reading? Like Asterix and Obelix? Ok but I really don’t know.

4-Which book character describes you the best?
See now that is a hard q. Someone would obviously say the character they WANT to describe them, not the one that does. Now lets see, I’m a tomboy who loves sports, I’d call myself a ambivert, I love to write and read, I’m a total dog lover, love helping animals, I’m pretty adventurous, love nature. There are so many things I can say about myself. But ofcourse, I as anyone would would still pick the character they WANT to be like, not the one they are like. How about you tell me in the comments what character you think describes me…that would be fun…and oo please say from which book cause my tbr(to be read) might end up growing!
Wow that turned a little- Well a little. Oh come on!

5- Which kind of book do you hate a lot and why(please don’t spread hate!)
I don’t hate any book in particular. I mean yes, sure there are books I never enjoyed, never found fun to read, never came up to my taste. But I don’t hate them, they just aren’t my type, they are still good books.

Now we come to the main part. The story.

It was a dark night, gray clouds covered the sky, they shadowed the moonlight and the starlight, infact they shadowed all light. But not only the light was shadowed, so was my magic. I sat outside, hoping for but one ray of moonlight to touch my skin, hoping for but one ray of moonlight to save me from death. I gasped and winced, longing for fresh air, longing to be free from the pain, a deep toxic cut bled across my chest, hurting more than anything could hurt, sinking poison into my heart. The poison wouldn’t kill me, it would kill my soul, I would still be there, just a different me, one dark, one evil, one possesed.

Ok I’m not sure about this piece, but after thinking, going over it, re-doing it and all, I think this is around the best I could do for a good 5-line story. I mean ofcourse it can’t just end there, I’m sure more would come. Tis kinda mysterious…what happens? Even I want to know and even I don’t even know yet! Welp, a thanks to Betty for creating this challenge again.
Betty I hope you like this story…but not only her…I hope each and every one of you readers like it too!

And here sisters and brothers, I swoop into smokey, misty land and leave this scene completely.

Oooops I forgot nominees, Betty actually had to tell me in the comments HAHA. Well Ima add those now!!!

I nominate…
















41 thoughts on “The read-write contest”

  1. thanks for nominating me, but i think i already did it :’ ) [let’s ignore i did it without being nominated,] also your story was so good and it gave me “the girl who drank the moon vibes”


  2. Thank you for the nomination, Stara! (Honestly, you have nominated me for a lot of stuff, haha-)
    Kay, I don’t know which character describes you, but the first person (or should I say pony?) who came into my brain was… Fluttershy from MLP… I know, I know… Not a book character… and honestly, you are NOT that much like Fluttershy, but my brain-
    And THAT STORY. It was great! I really liked it! Noice imagery.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Yes I do nominated u for lots of things bahaha. Flutterhshy? Eh if it were anyone from MLP I’d say applejack or rainbow dash but sure! I mean come on fluttershy? Loooool.
      Anywayz. Thanks!!! Can’t wait to see ur post!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Huh? Well don’t be sorry!!! It’s completely fine!!! And I’m sorry I blurted that out…fluttershy is awesome too. Idk where that came from bahahahahahahaha.

        Liked by 1 person

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