The Night Of Magic

Me and Eva were at one point writing a story together, the night of magic. We never finished it…but I decided I could share some parts of the unfinished draft. Before that PLEASE go check out eva’s blog.

Swinging the door open Annabelle was welcomed by her dad who was making chicken quesadillas which he had learned to make in Mexico. When Annabelle’s mother was alive, the family would travel a lot, from place to place so the house was full of Knick-Knacks from around the world. Annabelle’s dad would cook strange food from all over too. The quesadillas made a delicious aroma that filled the kitchen.
“That smells wonderful!” Annabelle said with a smile, after all, it was one of her favorites. “Woah, it looks good too!” said  Annabelle glancing into the pot, staring into the pretty bluish-orange flames under it. All of a sudden the flame raged up, fierce and strong. It started to dance in the air, swimming around Annabelle, Annabelle was completely baffled, how had that happened!?! She was confused, in fact completely baffled, there must be a logical explanation she told herself. Annabelle thought that the flames looked very beautiful as they slowly shrunk and flew back into the gas stove. She shrunk away, thoughts flying through her mind.

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