Just a poem I wrote recently. Its about a storm and how the storm fades away and then comes back. Sorry It came back, I know, I know, I shoulda just ended with a happy ending! Either way…Enjoy!!!

It was awfully dark, awfully cold,
A dark storm rained upon the night,
But soon it past, the sun shone gold,
The sun shone with bright light.

The storm had past it had gone away,
All that was left was puddles and drops of dew,
All the creatures rejoiced in the sunlit day,
Through the sky they danced and flew.

All were full of glee,covered in joy,
All ran outdoors to have fun,
Until they heard a rumble in the sky,
The fun was over, it was gone.

As the rains returned crashing through the sky,
All the animals ran, began to flee,
Birds in the sky, to their nest they fly,
Everyone ran away leaving no trace of glee.

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