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Redish-Orange Flash

A strangly long poem I just wrote…It’s about a- (I’m not going to tell you, you need to stick around till the end of the poem to see.) Enjoy…I actually really like this, I might even call it one of my best poems…

Fox in Shadow by 0-Stargazer-0 on DeviantArt

Lurking through the shadows,
A bright orange flash,
From darkness the figure rose,
Out it came, with dust and ash,

It spied with sharp peircing eyes,
Through the darkness of the night,
It watched the moonlit skies,
It watched through dark and light,

The tip of it’s tail an icy white,
Showing bright and clear,
It’s paws shone white as moonlight,
It’s ears pricked at each sound it hear.

It was beautiful, magestic and strong,
Bright red and dusty orange both,
It’s elegant legs tall and long,
With a magnificent shining coat.

Some saw it as ferocious and sly,
As it growled, threatened and cursed,
Birds it would watch and pry,
Some were terrified, saw the worst,

It growled through the cold rain,
Baring it’s teeth, showing them all,
But honestly it was just in pain,
Tired and cold as it curled in a ball.

It was magestic and pretty,
A lovely, amazing thing,
Elegent, strong, sly and witty,
It’s whining calls it howl and sing.

Those who saw it wrong,
Who feared it without any reason,
Were just weak, not strong,
It stumbled through the cold of the season.

It was a pretty fox,
With a lovely snout, long,
Its paws with white socks,
It’s heart strong.

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