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Up the hill:Dog Series

Water poured into the bottle. The bottle was put in the bag. My smallest water bowl was picked up, wiped with a cloth, and put in the bag. A few fruits were put in the bag too. I always got stressed out when anyone was packing, so here I was lying on the floor, wagging my tail nervously.
I kept asking myself,
“Are they taking me? Are they leaving me? Will I be going? Will I not?”
I just sat there, waiting, not so patiently.
“Do you want to come on a walk?” My girl said bending down and kissing my head, I gave a lick, but didn’t move, I just wagged my tail. The leesh clipped on, my whole family was coming. We went down the lift, but we didn’t go towards the feild, we went towards the car.
I barked. I tugged at the leesh. All with no result.
They all went and got into the car. I hopped in too, not that I wanted too.
The car started. As we drove onto the main road, I could hear the traffic, smell the smoke. I always got motion sick. I started to drool.
Soon later the car stopped, I hopped out, happy. A new place, new smells.
We were going on another walk up the hill.

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