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The single line story challenge


  • Thank the person who nominated you/Mention whose blog you found this on.
  • Include the rules in your post.
  • Write 5 single line stories that fall under any of these genres (you can pick which ones you do!):
    • fantasy
    • romance
    • thriller
    • mystery
    • western
    • contemporary
    • historical
    • drama
    • dystopian
    • adventure
    • sci-fi
    • paranormal
    • young adult
  • You can choose 5 genres that’s easiest for you, or you can challenge yourself to try something new!
  • Nominate 5 blogger/writers who you’d love to see participate and leave an open nomination for all writers!
  • You can do this challenge more than once.

I found this on Moi’s Blog, Bookish Wonders. I love her blog, it is awesome. Her stories are just amazing, I love reading them!!! Go check her blog out! You should also check out Maggies blog, Maggies doodles, she is the one who made this challenge!!!

Fantasy: The dark figure swooped into the sky, her black wings beating stronger than ever, armor made of dragon scales fixed on her chest, legs and arms, her hair flew freely in the wind, her eyes that shown a dark ruthless purple, stared through the gray sky, her light pink lips bled, the blood rolling down her chin, she was ready to fight, ready for war.

Adventure: My hair flew wild, the scratch on my cheek bled heavily, but I didn’t care, I ran through the forest, vines curled around the trees, flowers had bright, vivid colors, while ran through the bushes I saw a trail of trees and plants that were dirty black and deceased, a look of worry crossed my face and I continued running, this time I had a destination in mind.

Mystery: The creature lurked through the shadows, prowling through the darkness of the night, it followed the girl, waiting for the right moment, as night grew, the moon shone bright in the pitch black sky, the girl fell asleep, the creature smiled, his time had come.

Contemporary: As I entered the party, I wished I hadn’t come, there were thousands of people gathering everywhere, they were all talking loudly, “Hey Lucy,” someone yelled through the crowd, I didn’t answer, “What’s up Lu-” someone else chimed in but halfway through the words I ran right out the door, into the peaceful outdoors.

Drama: I watched from the shadows, keeping my distance, my mother, my only family stood next to a tall man in a dark cloak, I could see a knife in his hand, it glowed silver in the moonlight, I hid myself, breathing heavily I watched as he extended his hand, and pierced the knife through her chest, tears grew in my eyes and rolled down my cheeks.

Now for nominations…













And YOU!!

19 thoughts on “The single line story challenge”

  1. Oi, another nomination? Thank you very much, Stara! I really appreciate it.
    Also, those stories are really good! I liked the mystery one and the drama one the most! You write really well. =)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahh thank you so much for nominating me!!💜
    But I have already done this challenge, uhm, so I guess I’ll just skip on doing it again because I’m not much of story writing kinda girl🙈🙈
    But hey, I really appreciate you nominating me😫🤍🤍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oooo ok nice! Haha thats fine! Cool i didn’t bother checking if you’ve done it sorry! Idk why but when I find a blogger I like with a nice blog I just be like: “K Ima go add their name in nominated people on a award or tag I’ve done now.”

      Liked by 2 people

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