Prepare To Die From Cuteness: Doggos

Hello all. As you can see from the title, in this post, you shall be dying from cuteness. Pictures of Janu, four pups who are in IISER and Mouse’s pups! Remember the poem I wrote about hungry strays, well I explained about mousey and all and said I might share pictures, I didn’t see all of them but I met two of them so Ima share those pictures.


Being sleepy and wanting unlimited pets.
Janu and her big nose.
Janu being a goofy happy dog who cannot control her happiness.
Janu and Jack. She destroyed him. Removed his legs and horn and bit a hole through his face.

Now moving away from Janu, the four puppies!

Them a month or two ago
Them now
Them deciding to climb over me

The white one in front is Luna. The black one with white paws is Socks. The black one without white paws is Cola. And the fourth remaining one is, Four!

Now we finally come too…Mouse and her pups(they are full grown now)! I only met Socks and Brave. The others were off in the field and Mouse was with them, so here is Socks and here is brave.

The two of them, the one in front with lil white paws is socks and the one at the back with a pretty black snout is brave.
Here is how close brave comes to me, he has even allowed me to pet him once.

And done! See you next post!!!

Golden Eagle

Hello! Well when I have no ideas for a poem, I ask my friends. So my friend really wanted me to write about golden eagles and I didn’t have any other ideas, did I? He even sent me two first lines…”The majestic birds soar through the sky, watching the prey with a golden eye.” to start me off…soo I wrote about golden eagles. Thank you friend who’s name I shall not mention.

100+ Free Golden Eagle & Eagle Photos

The majestic bird soared through the sky,
Watching her prey with a golden eye,
A golden eagle with feathers brown,
And a shimmering golden crown,
She swooped through the day,
In the night she slept away,
Then in the morning she awoke,
Cleaning her brown feathered cloak,
After a while she leapt into the sky again,
Attacking her prey until it was slain.
She enjoyed the meaty food,
Took some back to the brood.
Her chicks all nestled in the nest,
Squawked loudly, giving their Mom no rest.
And she swooped back into sky,
Majestically, she began to fly.

War and Peace

Hello all! I know this isn’t much but it is what I’m posting, so enjoy it. Small poem about war and hatred and bloodshed and about peace, hope and joy entering and the happiness being restored (:
Ooo random piece of info- I put the smiley face (: this way cause if I put it the other way, wordpress automatically makes it a emoji- šŸ™‚
Anyway, read the poem, and enjoy reading it. Sorry I haven’t posted many poems lately, I don’t have to many ideas. Give me a random idea in the comments will ya? I might get a good poem out of it

The place smelt of burning cigars and smoke,
The air was so toxic you could choke,
Blood ranged upon the place,
Dripping along the sidewalk with grace.
The sound of shotguns, the yell of men,
Were all anyone could hear, then.
People ran, escaping, saving themselves,
They ran carrying few items from their shelves.
Then came peace, slowly pacing down the street,
It came calmly, the blood rolling under it’s feet.
It slowly and gently with a lovely voice,
Called to it’s friend hope and it’s friend, rejoice.
And they came running fast,
Then with a few big blasts,
Of magic, happiness, joy and hope,
Became a world in which people couldn’t mope.
All the people, full of hope they smiled,
With joy they rejoiced.
Full of peace they grinned wide.

Luna and Aspen I

Hey guys! Remember when I wrote Only A Draft? Well I decided to continue it share my work! Btw, this is also only a draft. I’m planning to keep working on it, so if you have any ideas/notice any mistakes, make sure you tell me in the comments! Since I need a name, can’t just write “Only A Draft”, Ima name it Luna and Aspen for now! Anyway skip all that, lets get straight into the writing. Before reading this go check out the previous part by tapping here.

“Where did you get that pendant?” Luna asked. Her heart was beating fast. She bent down to pet socks, waiting eagerly for a answer.
“None of your business, why do you care anyw-” Aspen began fiercely, but then she noticed the chain on Luna’s neck and abruptly stopped.
“Sorry. I- Well, my dad gave it to me.” She said, her words gently flying into Luna’s ears. “What about yours?” She continued.
“Oh, my mother gave me mine.” Luna said softly. She had much more to say, but the words refused to leave her mouth.
A silence entered the area, gently swimming around the two girl’s ears.
“Cute dog.” Aspen said, breaking the silence. She was sitting down, legs crossed on the floor, petting socks.
“What’s his name?” She continued.
Aspen clearly talked a lot. Luna was more on the quiet side.
“Socks.” She said. “His name is socks.”
“Nice name dude, socks. I think Hazel likes him.”
As they stared into the daylight, Luna felt trouble burning up. She closed her eyes and turned around. Then she saw it. The shadow. She slowly lurked up to it, holding her hand up high. Then in a flash of light and power, the shadow disappeared. Just as it disappeared a whole swarm of them approached, Luna slowly flew into the sky, but they knocked her of her feet. Socks ran, growling around the curb and Hazel joined in.
Then Aspen approached them. She leaped into the sky and in a flash of light the shadows disappeared.
“They’ve been following me everywhere, they clearly want something. Over the past week, I began to think they were after my pendant. It’s where the magic comes from after all.” Aspen said.
“Yep. I know,” Luna said. “It’s the pendant they’re after. It’s not them I’m scared of though, its who they work for.” Luna said, shaking.
“Who they work for?” Aspen asked, confused. Luna didn’t say anything.
“I’m learning to control the powers.” Luna said after a five minute break of silence.
“I think I’ve pretty much mastered them at this point.” Aspen chuckled.
“Have you though?” Luna teased.
“I mean, there is always more to learn!” Aspen smiled.

Hello humans

Hello humans! I haven’t posted in quite a while so-

Ok then, sorry. What should I call you? A demon. Yes, ok then…
Hello humans and demons! I haven’t posted in quite a while so-

Hey! Come on, stop interrupting me! Aw fine!
Hello humans, demons and animals! I haven’t posted in quite a while so-

And you are a-
What’s the word? Yeti right? Oh fine!
Hello humans, demons, animals and yetis! I haven’t posted in quite a while so-

Seriously? More interrupting. Fine.
Hello humans, demons, animals, yetis and Halloween children! I haven’t posted in quite a while so-

I see, my list isn’t over is it? You are gonna keep showing up and saying you aren’t any of what I listed out! Well not this time!
Hello all living things! Hello! I haven’t posted in a while so-

Oh that’s it! Hello everyone! May I now finish this post? You’ve made it long enough already! Lets just stop at this! Oh and btw I made all of those on Canva…hope you enjoyed seeing me be interrupted by countless creatures over and over again.

I know that lettuce, I know that! Now let us finish this post and leave!

Black Cats

A poem I wrote long ago. And when I say long I mean long. Ok not that long, probably a few years though! I actually like it pretty much, so I dug it out and thought I’d share!!!

The little girl had been stranded for awfullyĀ long,

Each night she’d cry and sing herself the same oldĀ song.

As the stranded girl walked in circles tears streaming from her face,

AĀ blackĀ catĀ chasing a mouse crossed her path at an amazingly fast pace!

Suddenly BAM! POOF! sheĀ floated away on a magic pieceĀ of pizza?

She flew and flew far from the meadow,

But alas she wasn’tĀ home she was on the top of the rainbow!

The land she was in was indeed spectacularĀ and the nicest place she’d been,

She stared at the world from up above, it was the prettiest site she’d ever seen!

She watches as theĀ blackĀ catsĀ sacrifice their rainbow colors to keep the rainbow alive,

She hoists their power and leads them, and she and theĀ catsĀ together thrive!

She’s the happiest person there is,

Sitting on the rainbow eating chicken roast and drinking appy fizz!

And she is there right now watching you from up above!

TheĀ catsĀ curling up with her and walking around her like elegantĀ doves!

Only A Draft

Heylo people! This is one of the drafts I am currently working on, I know it is only a start, only a draft but I still wanted to share it! If you have any ideas, feel free to share in the comments! Well enjooooy!

Luna stared into the pitch black sky, watching the hazy white moon. The moonlight danced around, touching her skin. The moon was pretty, but it was covered in grey clouds and was barely seen. Luna’s brown hair flew into her face, getting into her grey eyes. She gently pushed it away. She started to fidget with the pendant her mother had given her, it was a full moon with a pure white color, wrapped in silver lining. She closed her eyes, embracing the beauty of the night.
“Pretty night eh?” A voice chimed into her ears.
Luna’s eyes opened in a jerk, she stood up. Who could it be?
“Sup,” The voice said again, as a girl emerged from the darkness. The girl had jet black hair and deep brown eyes. She wore a T-shirt, torn pants and gloves.
Luna turned around glancing at her dog, a little Indian Pariah named Socks. He was curled up in the corner of the room, fast asleep. As she glanced to look at him, she saw that the sun had just begun to rise. The sunlight painted the sky in colors.
Purple, orange, yellow and-
“No.” Luna murmured. “No. No, not yet.” She groaned.
She fell to her knees, forgetting about the strange girl.
“It’s too soon. We didn’t have enough time-” She began, panicking.
Then she felt a nudge against her chest.
“Socks! Not now, you know what this-” she started, but then she stopped. This wasn’t socks, it was a hazelnut colored puppy with brown stripes.
The girl came closer and held her hand out.
“Hey. I’m Aspen.” she said. “I see Hazel likes you,” she said with a smile.
“I’m Luna.” Luna said softly.
Suddenly Luna felt the presence of a shadow. She turned around in a leap and looked around carefully.
“Shadow lurking around eh?” Aspen asked.
“You can see them too?” Luna asked.
“Yes.” Aspen said. Then Luna noticed something, something hanging on Aspens neck. It was a pendant, same as hers.

Dino besties: Kid series

Hello hello hello. I know these are for much younger kids…but welp! My cousin brother, who I mostly wrote them for, is surely enjoying them! And if you have siblings, I hope they enjoy these too! I also hope you enjoy them. Eesh, lets just get straight into it.
TAP HERE to see part 1. By the way I said I’d do one ‘kids series’ thing every saturday but I decided not to
Anyway, on we go!

Roxy and Spike were in the meadow, they were chatting joyfully when they noticed a large Allosaurus wandering nearby. They had never seen him before. Spike was scared of him, but Roxy just laughed.Ā 
“Roxy…who is that dino over there? I have never seen him before, he seems strange.”
“I don’t know Spike, he is pretty big, but that is only because he is full grown! I will be bigger than him when I grow up!” Roxy said, letting her pride get over her.
“Yep, but right now he is so much bigger. And he is a predator, it’s instinct that I’m afraid of him.”
Spike was nervous around the Allosaurus and kept peeking back to where his herd was running around.
ā€œI got an idea! Let me check my Dinosaur Facts Book to find out more about it! Spike said, smiling.ā€œThe name Allosaurus means different lizards. Allosaurus are fierce carnivores, only slightly smaller than the T-Rex! They are known as cousins of the T-Rex!ā€
Just as Spike started reading, the Allosaurus snuck up on the two pounced on Roxy. It growled, baring its teeth and was just about to bite Roxy when Spike jumped up and turned around showing all his spikes. He went in front of Roxy, so the dinosaur couldn’t hurt Roxy. Spike had considered running for it, but the bond between himself and Roxy was so strong, that he had gathered all his courage and leaped!
“LEAVE HER ALONE!” Spike yelled. “Or- O- Or or I will, well I will do something!” He said unsure of himself.
The dinosaur just growled and turned to Spike. It sounded as if the dinosaur was laughing. Spike started barreling towards him, his spikes pointing at the dinosaur. Seeing the poisonous spikes the dinosaur started to back off, but not entirely. Just then Spike’s herd came bolting their way, the dinosaur ran away immediately, one allosaurus was no match for an entire troop of stegosaurus!Ā 
“Ugh. I was excited when I saw kids roaming astray.” It murmured as it left.
“Thanks.” Roxy said. “But, I had it under control.” she muttered fiercely.
“Ya, ya, sure you did.” Spike said laughing.
Spiked herd made sure they two were ok and walked along, they had gotten used to the rex hanging about.
The two had a great afternoon chatting and having fun.Ā 


The girl sat on her computer, staring into the world within. She was making something wild, she was writing a story. She sighed and then closed the computer, put it away and went outside. She watched the starlit sky, she looked at the glowing moon. She smiled. Life was such a gift. Then she went back inside. She made her bed and after giving her dog a big hug and kiss, went to sleep. Sleeping is never that easy though, first you toss and turn and try to get comfortable, then you absolutely cannot sleep and then finally you somehow fall into sleep. Soon after she dozed off, her dog joined her.
The next morning she jolted awake at the sound of birds chirping. She brushed her teeth, combed her hair, changed her clothes and then she opened her computer. She opened wordpress just to see that she had reached 50 followers! She danced inside and her heart leapt out of her body! She was overjoyed that people loved her work, her work that she shared. Poems, stories, photography and absolute randomness!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ddd-murder-1.jpg

Hello people! Yes I had to start like that…no that is not exactly what happened but I wanted to write a little something!
Anyway. Yes! I reached 50+ followers and I am absolutely thrilled! 51 through wordpress and 3 through email! I thank every single one of you who have liked my posts and given me sweet comments…Ah I love reading comments!

I’m not really going to do something particular just this “Thank You” post! Anyway! See you next post, ya?

Ooo and I made this randomly, cause it looks nice, come on! Share your thoughts in the comments!

Murder At Granny’s 2

Hey guys! I know some people have been waiting for the next part so…why not?
I’m just going to put the links to the previous parts and lets begin, yeah?
Tap here for Murder At Granny’s
Tap here for Murder At Granny’s 1

I sat with Granny, she was calmer now. “Hey Gran.”
“Hello, Ara.” She replied. “Hello.” She said again, giving me the smallest smile.
“Gran. I didn’t want to ask earlier, but I have to ask about it.” I said.
“I understand, sweetheart. It’s just that it all happened to fast, I’m in shock.” Gran said.
“Gran, please. Tell me what happened, tell me what you know about it.”
Granny sighed and began to talk.
“I was upstairs having a bath when I heard a shriek. I changed and got downstairs immediately. As I reached the kitchen I heard a bloodcurdling yell and I saw a figure stabbing your grandfather. As soon as he saw me, he dropped the knife and bolted. Then you came in. It all happened to fast, way too fa-”
Suddenly, a thought flashed into my mind.
“Hey Gran, thanks. Can you give me a minute though.” I interrupted.
“Sure?” Gran said confused.
I saw tears beginning to fill in her eyes as I bolted outside into the garden. I hurriedly removed the note from my pocket, my hands were trembling.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ddd-murder.jpg

When I had first found the note, I thought it was referring to me because I had seen the person who carried the note. But I don’t know, I’m starting to get confused. Did they mean Gran? “Ugh! Why didn’t I ask Gran before. It would have really helped!” I said. I mean after all I had stayed up all night, afraid I was the next victim. Either way, Gran being the next victim would be worse. Way worse. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to tell anyone about the note yet.
As the sun started to leave the sky, a car pulled up into the parking lot. I recognised the car, it belonged to my Mom. I sat down, looking at the purplish-orange sky. The colors were beautiful, I had forgotten how much I loved watching the sunset. I closed my eyes.
“Ara!” I heard my Mom yelling. It hadn’t even been a second.
“Hey Mom.” I said softly.
“Hey , I decided, Granny is going to come and live with us until the whole thing is cleared up. Come on, hop into the car.”
“What? Wait then, let me get my bag.” I said slowly. I was still confused. I was trying to work it all out in my brain, but I couldn’t.
I simply couldn’t figure it out.

Yipee! Done! I hope ya liked it!

Lettuce end the post!
No we are not doing the whole lettuce thing again.
Let us end the post! Bye!